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North Devon Hospice Receive Charitable Donation
On Wednesday 25th April we were very pleased to welcome Jess Burford from North Devon Hospice who came into school to collect a cheque for £233.60.
This money was raised during the Year 8 Charity Day last term by lots of varied stalls and novel ideas for raising as much money as possible.
Well done, Year 8!

Year 8 Charity Day
On Friday 23rd March Year 8 students from Holsworthy Community College held their annual Charity Day; this year raising money for the North Devon Hospice.
Working in groups in their Life Skills lessons over several weeks they planned different events to raise as much money as possible. They made posters to advertise their events and sourced what they needed in the way of provisions.
At break and lunchtimes, they set up their stalls and prepared to attract their customers. Stalls included: hook a duck, raffle, guess the number of sweets in a jar, splat the rat, stocks, coconut shy, milkshakes, nail painting, cake stalls, doughnut hanging as well as sporting events.
“For the Year 8 Charity Day we did a cake sale and raised over £50.00. This is around a fifth of what the school raised overall, which was £258.50, which was amazing! Grace Harman, Skye Bundey and Vicky Down provided the school with loads of yummy treats that they baked, such as cakes and biscuits. Molly Ross, Chloe Brown and Reanna Lucas also provided different, fun games to play. We also had a Victoria sponge, which was a raffle prize, won by Freya Laming and the “Guess how many cookies are in the cookie-jar”, which was won by Jess Hart. Overall we were pleased to raise money for the North Devon Hospice.”
Grace Harman
The Year 8 Charity Day coincided with this year’s Sport Relief, so the PE department also organised a ‘run a mile’ event, which took place over break and mentor time. Students and staff had to run/walk 8 laps of the MUGA, which equates to 1 mile. Prizes of Easter Eggs were given to the fastest competitors. At 50p per entrant they did well to raise £92.84!
As they say, a great day was had by all!
Year 10 Aspire to Excellence
On Friday 23rd February, we were offered the opportunity to take thirty of our Year 10 academically gifted and talented students to Exeter College, for the day, to learn more about their Reach Academy, the International Baccalaureate and to experience some A-Level taster sessions from either Maths and Science or English, Languages and IB or Humanities pathway.
We also had tour of the college and talks by students currently studying there.
Angela Stubbington, the Exeter College organiser, said the pupils were a credit to us.
Thanks to Miss Trainor-Roulstone and Mrs Lovegrove for helping to organise a fabulous day.
Mrs Storry
“I chose to do Humanities, where we looked at sociology and psychology. I found it interesting to see what these courses entailed as it was not something I had considered studying previously. We looked at the reasons behind people’s actions and the effect on their wellbeing. It was helpful to have an insight into the college life and a tour of the whole campus. I am considering going to Exeter College, but I think I will probably do A-levels.”
Will Skinner
“I also chose to do Humanities. The subject of mental health was covered briefly, but it was a good insight. I chose this because I like this area of study. The information about the Reach Academy and the facilities at the college was great and very informative. Now that I have visited, I may consider this as an option post 16.”
Louise Shepherd
“I chose to do Maths and Science. One area that we looked at was Forensic Science. We had to measure maggots to determine how long ago someone had died. On a graph you can measure their growth to determine how long they had been on a dead body. The longer they were, the longer they had been there—helping to determine time of death. I found this really interesting—something I had never done before! I had not considered studying this before, but having now looked into it, I may consider it in the future!”
Ben Hampton

Burton Art Gallery Award
I was filled with pride for our students and Art teachers this week as I attended the award ceremony for winners of awards from the Burton Art Gallery Schools’ Exhibition.
The Art Department received an award for outstanding contribution, which is quite an achievement for such a small school. Three of our students also received individual awards for their pieces of work: Katie Jayne Lambe, Ellie King and Beth Gifford.
It was lovely to see parents of the three girls attending the event and sharing in their child’s success. The artwork in the Gallery is wide ranging in style and subject content. It showcases work of many different medias and scales.
Don’t forget the exhibition is on during the whole of month of February, so still time to visit if you haven’t had a chance yet.
The Burton Art Gallery is an amazing space which showcases some quite famous visiting art work, all under a pretty little roof in Bideford. It has a super gift shop full of arty gifts, art materials and books and it has a lovely cafe too. You can keep up to date with exhibits and events by ‘liking’ their page on Facebook.
Mrs Bloxham

Listening Bus Visits HCC
We were fortunate to be chosen to have a visit from the National Deaf Children’s Society Roadshow (or Listening Bus, as it is known) on Wednesday 7th February. They were based on the school site all day and ran a range of workshops for deaf/hearing impaired secondary and primary school students in the area.
The workshops included:
Who am I?
A workshop designed to improve self-esteem so the students feel comfortable with their deafness and confident about being independent in a hearing world (secondary students).
My Future
A workshop aimed at raising the students’ knowledge of their rights for support in education, training and employment, and preparing them for the challenges ahead (secondary students).
Emotional Health and Well Being
A workshop designed to promote positive mental health and good emotional wellbeing for deaf children (primary students).
Both secondary and primary students were involved in technology sessions, giving them the opportunity to try out new technologies, such as vibrating alarm clocks, flashing doorbells and Bluetooth devices. This session also aimed to increase their understanding of their T program and how it can help them when using mobile phones and accessing sounds such as music and TV.
Parents were also invited along to try out these technologies at the end of the day.
“On Wednesday Luke and I, along with two pupils from Okehampton College visited the Listening Bus, which is a bus for deaf people.
On the bus we met some friendly adults who work for NDCS.
On the bus we talked about the benefits and downsides of being deaf. After that we looked at lots of technology for deaf children e.g. alarm clocks and head phones. Then we looked at options for our future when we left school: university, apprenticeships or employment. We learnt that one of the adults was a footballer for England deaf team.
It was interesting to learn all of this.”
Ryan Bewes
Photo courtesy of Dawn Bewes

Girls U15 Rugby Tournament
On Friday 26th January we attended our first rugby tournament at Bideford College, but we didn't realise until we got there that it was a tournament with 6 teams entered. Like a lot of our team members, many of the other players hadn't played before.
Sophie won the toss (which consisted of rock, paper, scissors) so we could decide whether to kick off or receive.
Unfortunately, we lost the first game against Chulmleigh 3—1, but Issy scored a fantastic try on the wing and Maddie was awarded Player of the Match.
The second game was against Park, who played a combination of two teams. Again, we lost this match 4—0 with Paige winning Player of the Match.
The third game was against South Molton A team and we managed to win this one 2—1, with Hester scoring her first try and South Molton having a try disallowed. Issy was Player of the Match.
The fourth game was against South Molton B team and we won this one 5—0. There was some brilliant play from the team with Kerri and Lucy’s tackling, Louise’s kicking and Issy’s running! Player of the Match was Kerri.
The fifth game against Bideford, was the hardest as they had the most experience, but we won 2—1, with Lucy as Player of the Match.
We drew third in the table, which meant we made it through to the county finals at Topsham in March!
It was a brilliant day for girls’ rugby and for all involved from HCC.
Many thanks to Miss Goldsworthy for entering us, taking us and helping on the day. Also thank you to Jude Daniel for giving up her time to do the coaching.
Louise Daniel (Captain)
HCC takes part in UK Engineering Challenge
Students from Holsworthy Community College took part in an IET Faraday Challenge Day (FCD) sponsored by Thorpe Park. The students became real-life engineers for the day when they researched, designed and built solutions to real engineering problems as part of the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) Faraday Challenge Day on Wednesday 17th January.
169 events are taking place across the UK to host 2017-18 IET Faraday Challenge Days. Up to six teams of local school students will compete at each event to find the best solution to an engineering-related challenge. The events will be free of charge and set up by IET staff and volunteers.
This year’s challenge is in association with Thorpe Park Resort, but the brief for these young engineers is shrouded in secrecy to avoid unfair preparation and research. Teams must race against the clock to solve a real-life engineering problem, putting their engineering and technology knowledge and skills to the test.
Holly Margerison-Smith, IET Faraday Education Manager, said: “Students who take part in the Faraday Challenge Days this year will experience working as an engineer through hands-on and practical engagement with real-life challenges relating to Thorpe Park Resort. The Challenge Days will give them an insight into the life of a real engineer, the variety a career in engineering can offer and just how exciting and creative engineering is.
“There is huge demand for new engineers and technicians and we’re confident that this will challenge young peoples’ perceptions of engineers and inspire the next generation.”
Dawn Childs, Merlin Group Engineering Director, said: “Having developed my engineering career in several large organisations, it’s clear that there’s a growing skills gap in roles where education in STEM subjects are vital. I’m pleased to see that Merlin attractions led by Thorp Park Resort, is inspiring potential future engineers through The Institute of Engineering and Technology’s Faraday Challenge. Engineering can be creative, exciting, hands-on or office based; the diversity is amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing how the teams do and I hope this brings the best out of all those involved.”
The events aim to encourage more young people to study and consider exciting and rewarding careers in Science, Technology, engineering and Maths (STEM) by using creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills.
Each team member in the winning group was awarded a prize and a trophy for their school. The top five teams from across the UK will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the national final at Thorpe Park Resort in 2018 to compete for a cash prize of up to £1,000 for their school.
The Faraday Challenge Days are part of a wider Faraday education programme, made up of a whole host of teaching resources and activities to inspire and attract the engineers of tomorrow.
For more information on the IET and its initiatives to promote STEM subjects and careers in the classroom, visit the dedicated websites for secondary and primary schools.
“It was an absolutely brilliant day. Plymouth University looked amazing, from what I saw. The challenge was more difficult than it looked, but it was exciting and we worked well together as a team. We managed to complete the challenge and I believe we came second. It was a long, tiring day, but well worth it. It makes me more optimistic about a career in engineering; something I will now consider that I might not have done before the Challenge Day.” Rae Weblin
Year 10 Visit Eden
Just before the end of last term, Year 10 again had the opportunity to visit the Eden Project for the day.
The day started off with a talk about the origins of the organisation, and its mission to raise awareness about environmental issues and the importance of plants in our ecosystems.
After orientation the teams split up to explore the Mediterranean and Tropical biomes, learning some valuable Biology along the way. There was some great teamwork amongst many of the students, as the treasure hunt task they had been given was challenging, but they were not put off. Thanks go to all staff involved for ensuring all pupils engaged with the task and for guiding them to find the information they needed.
The pupils were rewarded at the end of the day with an ice skating session, which was enjoyed by all who took part. It was great to see so many pupils who started by clinging onto the wall skating hands-free by the end of the session! I was really impressed by all those pupils who had never ice skated before having a go and showing their willingness to go outside their comfort zones.
Year 10 displayed excellent behaviour, both throughout the day at Eden, and on the buses. We look forward to going again next year.
Thank you to Mrs Godwin for organising the trip and all the Science staff and staff/TAs who accompanied them.

HCC Meet England Netball Team
On Tuesday 9th January, thirty-six very excited pupils and three staff left Holsworthy to travel to Loughborough to watch the England netball team (the Roses) play against the Futures team (mixture of U21 and U19 England players). We had lots of time to kill on the way there so we created banners. Eloise and Amelia were in charge of face painting and then just before we arrived Miss Goldsworthy ran a netball quiz, which was won by Tallulah and Georgia. They each won some crazy headbands, which they wore throughout the day and the England captain Ama Agazee even complimented the girls about these.
We arrived at Loughborough University (one of the most prestigious universities for sport in the country) at 2pm. We entered the netball centre and took our seats in a prime position front and centre to the court. Not long after, the players came out and started to warm up. The excitement grew as we saw our netball idols for the first time.
The game was played in four quarters, each scored separately. The first quarter was won by the Roses; the score was 23-9. The second quarter was 15-13 to the Roses. The third quarter was 21-17 to the Roses and the fourth quarter was 21-8, again to the Roses.
After the match all the schools were invited on to the netball court and each of the players took it in turns going around to see each school to answer questions, take photos and sign memorabilia. Amelia and Zoe both had their phones signed by their favourite players!
Afterwards, as we were leaving, the ambassador for England netball came over and told us that we were the best supporters in the crowd today. She loved our face paints, pom-poms and epic Mexican waves!
On the way back home on the bus, Miss Goldsworthy auctioned off the signed England netball she was given by the tournament organisers. Each pupil who went on the trip was given 5 raffle tickets and everyone waited anxiously to see who would win this amazing prize. The winner was Lucy Storry, who was ecstatic to have won. We then stopped off for some much needed food (McDonald's!) before watching a film on the coach and then singing songs all the way back home to Holsworthy where we arrived at 11pm.
It was a long day, but totally worth it for the experience to watch England play and to meet all the players! A day I'll never forget! Inspired by what we had seen we copied the England netball warm up drills at our school training session on Wednesday night, which was great fun, but challenging at times!
Georgia and Tallulah

Winter Concert 2017
It was an absolute pleasure to watch the rehearsals for this year’s Winter Concert on Tuesday 12th December. Students from Years 7 –11 performed a variety of acts—from a breath-taking solo performance from Emma singing “7 years” to “Altogether now”, sung by Year 7.
It was also wonderful to witness the improvement in the students’ performances— their increased confidence and ability was very apparent and to hear this obvious progression was magnificent.
Well done, guys—be very proud of yourselves!
“Yet again the music students took to the stage in what has become an annual showcase of talent here at Holsworthy Community College.
The students entertained the audience to a high standard with their performances and compositions with a repertoire ranging from old Christmas classics and carols to more modern music by ‘The Kings of Leon’ and Ed Sheeran.
Lucy wowed everyone with her beautiful rendition of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Supermarket Flowers’, and Abby performed a piano arrangement of the hauntingly melodic, ‘Power of Love’. Eloise and Peter (the Music Department Prefects) took to the stage to perform at their final Winter Concert (being in Year 11) with a wonderful rendition of ‘Home’ and ‘Somewhere Only We know’.
Not only do we have such a talented student body, but we have brave, confident and supportive students, and for some it was their first public performance at HCC: hopefully the first of many!
Courtney gave a confident vocal performance of ‘Riptide’, supported by members of the GCSE class; Darcie’s emotional vocal style gave justice to ‘Jar of Hearts’, not to mention the Year 7 choir who were first up on stage. No pressure!
I never cease to be amazed by the talent of students at HCC, so a BIG ‘Well done!’ to all for making every effort to contribute to a successful evening.
It was for me, a true show of community spirit, with a wonderful atmosphere throughout. Parents and friends of HCC sang quite well too, under the watchful eye of Mr Scott!
Merry Christmas everyone”.
Miss Iles

College Christmas Dinner
A huge thank you to our canteen ladies for producing a fabulous Christmas dinner for us all to enjoy yesterday.
Thank you also to our meal time assistants for decorating the hall so beautifully, to Zoe, Alicia, Lydia, Jess, Courtney and Syrah for providing some Christmas singing and for the staff who helped make the event run so smoothly.

Devon and Cornwall Police Deliver Important Message
On Monday 27th November we welcomed Devon and Cornwall Police Officers, Detective Sargent Phillip Leonard, PC Nella Barker, PC Andy Ladley, PC Charlie Northcott, PC Andy White, PCSO Emma Tomkies and PCSO Racquel Rowe to HCC to deliver an awareness session to our Year 10 and 11 students on child sexual exploitation and online grooming.
Students were shown an impact film, ‘Kayleigh’s Love Story’ https://www.youtube.com/embed/WsbYHI-rZOEwhich they then discussed, along with their online habits and how they can stay safe.
This programme is at the forefront of national policing and north Devon is one of the areas it is currently being delivered to. The message is that being exploited for sex can happen to any child from any community and awareness and knowing the signs may prevent this happening to your child. Please visit https://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/cse for help and advice. If a child is in immediate danger call 999.
The Devon and Cornwall Police website Youth tab also has lots of really good links and advice on other topics such as bullying, mental health, sexting and FRANK advice on drugs https://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/youth/15-19/
We would like to thank the police officers for delivering this important message.

Presentation Evening
Mrs Willliams, Head of School
In this week's edition, my article is dedicated to our ex-students and how hard they worked. We celebrated their achievements during Presentation Evening and I wanted to share with our community those who were chosen to win the awards. As ever, there were many conversations about who should receive the recognition!
Congratulations to all of our ex-students and we hope that their post 16 journey is going according to plan.
My thanks goes to Dr Michael Forster, son of our long standing teacher and leader, Geoff Forster, who gave our keynote speech as Guest of Honour. It is always a delight to welcome members of our community to share their experiences during this evening. We are also very fortunate to be supported by many local dignitaries: Councillor Barry Parsons; Mayor Jon Hutchins; Deputy Mayor Colin Punter; Mr Peter Bumby; Mr R Young; Mr C Vickery, President of Rotary Club; Mr P Brown, Holsworthy Lions and Mr Dave Fitzsimmons.
I am very grateful to Mrs Abbott and Mrs Brimacombe for their support and time in leading up to the Presentation Evening. A great deal of preparation takes place. Also, thank you to Mrs Kiff, Mrs Bottrell and Mr Lau for all of their help.
My biggest thanks goes to parents of our past and present students. Your time, effort and support is always very much appreciated. Together, we are all stronger, as we strive to do the best job that we can, to inspire our young people to aim high and work as hard as they can to reach their potential. Thank you.
Anne Betts' Award (Health and Social Care) - Mia Johns; Art Award - Grace Ross; Bumby Family Award (DT and Science) - Heidi Horn; Computing Award – Linus Carey; David Fitzsimmons Award (Co-operative Values) - Millie Moores and Kieran Fraser; Geography Award- Lucy Poole; History Award - Kayleigh Tyler; Holsworthy Lions (Service to community) - Zak Loader; Honora Broad Prize (Attendance) - Charlotte Prime; Jean Pitt Award (English) – Shannon Sutton-Watson; Maths Award - Berin Howard; MFL Award - Mae Hughes; PE Award - Kieran Langman; Principle's Prize - Charlotte Prime; Principle's Prize Runner-Up - Linus Carey; RE after school Award – Joseph Meredith; Rotary Award (Service above self) - Olti Arriku; Science Award - Hattie Oliver; Spirit of Devon Award – William Bromell; Music Award - Shannon Richards; Technology Award - Stuart Martin; Woodward Progress Prize - Holly Martin.
Photo courtesy of Dawn Bewes

Presenting HCC’s Senior Pupils!
Nearly half of our Year 11 students have either been nominated by staff or volunteered to help around the College with duties such as Parents’ Evening assistant, bus duty helper, Library monitor and mentor group supervisor.
This is a new initiative for 2017 and will give Year 11 the opportunity to:
· Achieve a position of responsibility, which they can then highlight at interview for a job/college
· Be good role models for the Years 7 to 10
· Encourage a positive attitude in Year 11 pupils
· Gain ownership of the Community College
· Elevate their positions in school.
Students have negotiated their duties with the member of staff who nominated them, and suggested their roles, to ensure it is appropriate and not too onerous in a busy Year 11. They will be presented with a certificate to show they held a position of responsibility to put in their Record of Achievement for when they apply to colleges.
Students currently enlisted are: George Bellew, Reece Bere, Luke Browning, Connor Bundey, Ellie Burnard, Mollie Cheshire, Harriet Cousins, Tilly Daniel, Matthew Davey, Kelly Davies, Carter Farrell, Archie Furber, Ashley Gilbert, Kirsty Godfrey, Rachel Hamilton, Elizabeth Hampton, Morris Haynes, Jamie Hunt, Kyla Ingram, Ellenar King, David Kirby, Katie-Jayne Lambe, Lydia Lavender, Jake Lee, Joe Lopez, Katy Martin, Peter McCabery, Ellie Miller, Kira Pengilly, Lee Pocock, Rachel Pocock, Mollie Rawlings, Lewis Ross, Euan Scott, Russell Sinclair, Sophie Sleeman, Joshua Smith, Mitchell Snook-Bevis, Hannah Steadman, Rhianne Todd, Jodie, Tina, Eloise Warren, Jake Willetts, Drew Williams, Ellie Williams, Luke Wonnacott, Imo Filer-Larwood, Ami May, Lauren Moon and Ursula Owen.
Well done, Year 11 and thank you for your help!

HCC Triumph in Rugby
On the 7th November Okehampton College travelled to Holsworthy College to play some good rugby. Within the first 10 minutes Holsworthy put a lot of pressure on Okehampton, but it soon turned around with a slight mistake from Holsworthy allowing Okehampton to score and convert to lead 7-0.
Twenty minutes into the game, Holsworthy were defending well and with that they had a break. Riley Orchard made an amazing run, but had to offload to Tom Simpkins-Wright, who pumped through their defence and scored; Tom Lowe converted which made the score 7-7. With Holsworthy under pressure, Okehampton scored another try to take the lead 12-7 - it was anyone's game to win! With amazing play from Holsworthy's fly half, Tom Lowe and his brilliant footwork, he was able to score a fantastic try, which made the score 14-12 to HCC! Later on before half time, Tom Simpkins-Wright scored another try, so the half time score was 19-12 to Holsworthy. With a good team talk at half time, Holsworthy were pumped up and ready for anything! With the motivation in their heads, Sam Jago took a great offload from Tom Lowe and Sam scored a try, making the score 24-12. The second half saw Holsworthy dominate throughout and play some really exciting running rugby. Sam Jago had an outstanding game and was named man of the match as Holsworthy went onto win 49-22.
An incredible result, especially as they beat Launceston the day before 26-24.
Well done, boys!
Josh Brown

HCC Students spend the day with the Marines
Some students recently had the opportunity to meet the Marines in Plymouth.
“We arrived at Stonehouse Barracks at 9:30am for an introductory talk. We were then split up into groups to rotate around four activities; a physical training session, abseiling, a static weapon and kit display and rides in an offshore raiding craft before leaving at 3.30pm.
I found the day quite a challenge, the PT (Physical Training) was very demanding! They started off making us crawl up a steep hill and then we had to grab a corner of a mat which was really heavy and run with it, we did lunges, burpees, push-ups, sit-ups and squats. We did this on a repeated cycle and we had to lie on our backs with our feet about 6 inches off of the floor. I’m still aching 2 days later!
I really enjoyed the boat trip – we went really fast on the river. There were 10 of us in the boat and we got splashed as it bounced up and down and also when it stopped suddenly.
We also abseiled down one of the sides of the barracks – over 40 feet high! We also got to see some of their weapons and also what they use.”
Harry Fackrell
“I really enjoyed the boat trip because it was really fast and exciting! We went up and down the estuary and got a great view of the barracks.
I found learning about the weapons challenging – remembering the names of all of the weapons was confusing as there is a lot of information that you have to remember, how to set them up and use them.
The abseiling was fun, scary at first – but once you reached the bottom it was rewarding! I found the PT difficult, but I got through it all.”
Richard Orchard

Year 9 Battlefields’ Trip
Holsworthy’s annual Year 9 Belgium Battlefields’ Trip has done it again. Despite the early starts everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time! The following is a summary of all the sites we went to visit over the English Channel.
Day 1 (Tuesday 10th October 2017)
To arrive there at a reasonable time, we had to set our alarms, get ready and be there for 3:45am! It was a challenge, but somehow everyone managed it. After a very long journey, we reached the euro tunnel by 11:30am and off under the sea!
Our first visit was Vimy Ridge which is a Canadian memorial and preserved battlefield site. Before getting a guided tour outside, we spent time in the visitor’s centre, reading and hearing about all sorts of things from a telephone to a razor blade. It was especially interesting as in class, we tend to focus on the English side of the story. It showed us that the life of a soldier wasn’t pleasant. We could actually see, first hand, what they had.
Next we were assigned a guide to venture into the supply tunnels. There was around seven of them spread out throughout the site, dug by Welsh miners. These tunnels stretched all the way from the reserve trench to the front line and had a light rail system on it. They were dug by hand, and the bright chalk mined had to be taken back and dumped in the bags used for the sand bags. We also explored the trenches, the Canadian and German front lines were only a matter of metres away! Unexploded bombs scatter the surrounding landscape so sheep are the preferred method of mowing the grass.
Next in our adventure, we visited the memorial built on the highest hill around. It is a large, marble masterpiece. Intricate marble statues were carved in the stone, along with the names of the dead around the base. At the back, there was a large garden and a sculpture of mother Canada weeping over an unknown soldier. It depicted the scale of loss and devastation to every country involved.
Finally, it was time for bed! We drove in to the nearby town of Albert. After a nice tea out and a visit to the Golden Madonna on Albert Cathedral, somehow left standing after the war, we went to the hostel and got a good night’s sleep ready for our next adventures.
Day 2 (Wednesday 11th October 2017)
We all dragged ourselves out of bed, just in time for breakfast at 7:00am. We were on the bus and soon at our first stop. This was one of the most emotional. It was the Devonshire Cemetery. There was around 160 graves at this particular site. It was small compared to some, but just as hard on us. On a stone by the entrance was an engraving of the post left by our comrades of the war, it read: “the Devonshire held this trench, the Devonshire hold it still”. People buried there were from all over Devon. Some were even from Holsworthy. It was sad, but they died for king and country. We will never forget that.
Next we went to the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing. We filled out a worksheet and did our own ceremony to the dead (but more on that later). Thiepval is a memorial to the missing, but also has many English and French graves situated at the back of the site. Seeing the graves together showed, not just the fact they fought side by side, but many lived side by side in the trenches. Just before we left, we had a ceremony where pupils, Chay and Jacca Moran, Katie Grigg and Bradley Vile, with relatives at the site, laid their poems. We also had a minute silence for their memory. “It was very emotional when we first found his name engraved in stone at the Thiepval Memorial to the missing; until you visit for yourself, you don’t realise the actual scale of death on the Somme.” Chay Moran – relative of David Underwood, who is one of those “Missing on the Somme”.
After that, we drove to Newfoundland Park (another Canadian battle site). Here we saw the trenches, the caribou of their emblem and the graveyard at the bottom of the site. The caribou is to symbolise a mother calling for its young, which is why it is used at this war site. Then we travelled down to the graveyard to have a look at the graves and their regiments. This was moving to us to see that they fought in these trenches so close to where they were buried.
Whilst on our journey to Belgium, we stopped at the Passchendaele museum. In it, we learnt about their dugouts and trenches. We also looked at uniforms, guns and a replica of the houses built after the war for the French and Belgium people left homeless. After that we went to our next hotel in Ypres, called Flanders Lodge, where we started our scrapbooks and then went to bed, for a well-earned rest…!
Day 3 (Thursday 12th October 2017)
We were initially unable to go to Tynecott Cemetery, with it closed off for a visit by Prince William, who was taking part in New Zealand’s commemorations for their part in the Battle of Passchendaele. We instead went to Essex Farm cemetery, where we learnt about John McRae, who wrote ‘In Flanders Fields’, from which we get the tradition of wearing poppies on Remembrance Day. We saw where he worked as a doctor, attempting to treat battlefield injuries, and also saw Private Strudwick’s grave, who joined the war at the young age of 14, and died 15 years old.
We then went to Ypres where we saw the Brooding Soldier memorial and saw the Menin Gate memorial to the missing, for soldiers who served in the Ypres Salient. All before we went and spent a fortune in the chocolate shop! After emptying our wallets and purses, we ate lunch and entered the Cloth Hall, now a museum called Flanders Field museum. We had interactive wrist bands which we could use to explore our assigned characters on top of all the displays and films dotted around the room. One of our favourite displays was where you were walking through no-man’s land. On both sides were guns, barbed wire and mud. It was a new angle that none of us had seen before.
Later that day, we went back to Tynecott Cemetery and managed to get in this time. After having a minute’s silence at Devonshire Wall for the Missing, we passed the king of Belgium’s and Prince William’s wreaths, laid earlier that day. Then we boarded the bus, had tea in Ypres and Jaime Ley, Ashleigh Butters and Steve Kerslake, as staff Representative who served time in the army, got changed into school uniform ready for the Menin Gate ceremony.
“When we arrived, we were given our instructions; the last post was played and numerous groups laid their wreaths. We had to walk slowly in our group, lay the wreath, step back, bow our heads and then filter back in a single file line. In front of us were retired soldiers, they said that had done it multiple times before and will never forget them. I agree, I will never forget that.” Jaime Ley
"At Menin Gate we must have waited for nearly an hour, but it was worth it. The buglers, three of them, played the last post on their trumpets. The atmosphere was amazing because of the amount of people who went who probably go every night to pay their respects. Then lots of people laid their wreaths including Jaime, Ashleigh and Steve.” Lewis Andrews.
After that, we went to bed, ready for an early waking in the morning for the long trip back home.
Lewis Andrews and Jaime Ley
Pictured: Ashleigh Butters, Steve Kerslake and Jaime Ley
Year 7 Aquarium Visit
Year 7 students visited the National Marine Aquarium on Tuesday 10th of October, the UK's largest aquarium, and they were looking forward to being amazed by the fascinating underwater world and learning how everyone needs to play a part in conserving it. It lived up to everyone‘s expectations!
Throughout the day, different groups were involved in a lecture on the anatomy of a fish, a mackerel to be specific, and the opportunity to dissect one to have a closer look. The students‘ faces were in awe of the chance to be able to get 'hands-on' and have a go. This started with cutting the fish open and removing the guts, and stomach, including cutting the stomach to see what was being digested! It finished with the scooping out of the eyeball and dissecting it to remove the lens. Most students withstood it all to the end and found it an amazing opportunity.
Whilst not in the lecture, students were exploring the wonders of the aquarium. Our journey took us across the world's oceans, from the shores of Plymouth to the coral reefs of the tropics. We had the opportunity to see over seventy sharks from more than ten different species. The sharks on display range in size from the small catfish to the large sand tiger sharks. Huge rays swimming over our heads and under our feet were a wow factor for lots.
The whole day was fantastic, and an excellent time was had by all. It made for the perfect day out in stunning location.
Miss Trainor-Roulstone
Thank you Miss Trainor-Roulstone for organising this fabulous opportunity to enrich the curriculum and to all the Science staff and parents who accompanied the students.
Mrs Storry

Prince’s Teaching Institute Award for Holsworthy Community College
The Science department at Holsworthy Community College is very proud to have achieved the Prince’s Teaching Institute Mark this year. The mark is awarded for undertaking a research project into teaching and learning within your school.
The project the Science department have been undertaking has been based on revision techniques throughout the key stages. The year 2016/17 focused on teaching specific revision techniques to year 7 so that they could develop their own revision toolkit which could be used in later years. We found a significant improvement in this year’s results compared to last year’s, which was encouraging.
At the end of the year I was required to present my findings to other subject teachers in London at the Prince’s Teaching Institute Subject day, and also share my experience of carrying out the project, including any barriers we faced along the way.
The project will continue for the next two years, focusing on key stage 4, which will put more emphasis on students themselves to share their own revision resources and techniques. We look forward to seeing the impact this will have on their exam results.
Mrs Jess Godwin, Science Teacher

Year 7’s First Thoughts on HCC
I like it at Holsworthy College because we have lessons with different teachers in different rooms. I was worried I might be bullied, but all the students have been really kind and friendly. It’s good that in our mentor groups we have students from all years so we get to know some from Years 8 to 11. My favourite lesson is Art; Miss Urquhart is really nice and I enjoy her lessons.
Ruby Williams
The best thing about Holsworthy College is football after school. Mr Vanstone and Mr Watkins are awesome! I am playing my first game for the College on Wednesday at a tournament in Okehampton. I was really pleased to be picked for the team. My second favourite lesson is English with Mrs Rollason. She has fun lessons, which makes me want to learn.
George Wellington
HCC is a great school, everyone is really friendly. I have already made a couple of new friends. The thing I worried about most before coming here was losing my bus pass. So far I have managed to keep hold of it! The school dinners are really good. My favourite so far is the Hunter’s Chicken Hubway – it’s scrumptious! My favourite lesson is PE, but at the moment we are playing netball, which I am not that keen on. Football is my sport and I am looking forward to when we can play that in Year 8, however, the girls’ only session on the MUGA on a Thursday gives me my football fix!
Abigail Wellington
I really like the Library because there are lots of different genres of books; I love reading. The new design Library is great – I love the colours and the bean bags! My favourite lesson is History. I find it really interesting to learn about what happened long before I was born. At the moment we are studying Medieval times, but my favourite era is the Stone Age. I was worried about getting lost or not being able to find my class, but it’s been really easy – the timetable makes it clear where we have to go. It’s really nice that the College is so spacious and light due to the large windows.
Holly Trayford
The best lesson for me is Computing. I like Technology and the College has really good facilities. The other lesson I like is Maths – it’s not too easy, but not too hard either. I feel I am learning at the right pace and progressing. I like running so I’m looking forward to athletics in the summer. I wasn’t worried about anything before I came because the 2 day visit we had in July gave me lots of information so I knew what to expect.
Ryan Towle
Pictured Ruby Williams, Ryan Towle, Abigail Wellington, George Wellington, Holly Trayford

HCC Students selected to play for Cornwall County U14s
On Sunday 17th September Lucy Storry, Ruby Bryant and Eve Langman, along with several other HCC students, travelled to Truro to take part in the Cornwall County U14s hockey trials.
“We had to be in Truro by 10am, so we had quite an early start for a Sunday! When we got there we warmed up then were tested on different skills so that the coaches could see our strengths with different techniques. We then played two games with us deciding which positions we would play in. I played left wing in both games, switching with defence a bit. After the games we were given a letter with instructions to look on their website, www.cornwallhockey.org, on Monday night to see if we had been selected.
Once Monday at school we all wished each other good luck. I was excited once the evening came and was very happy to see that I, along with Ruby and Eve had been selected!
This means that we will be training on Friday nights, once a month, in Truro from 6pm – 8pm, so that’s going to be a long day!
We have been given several dates for competitions too, which will be exciting.”
Lucy Storry

Great Prizes to be won at HCC
The Holsworthy Community College PE department’s bi-annual Spain trip will again be taking place in June next year.
To try and raise some funds for additional activities for the group whilst they are there, a raffle of prizes is being organised, with each student going on the trip being asked to try and sell at least 20 tickets at £1 each.
We have some amazing prizes on offer:
Lots of chocolate, a scarf, 9 piece mug/straw and lid set, Dartington Crystal, body wash, beer glasses, lots of wine (red/white/rose), headphones, Waitrose dining mugs, marzipan memo pad, travel kit for men, wine and chocolate gift pack, woman’s gift packs, candle, Prosecco, makeover portfolio, ice cream set, John Deere toy, Diggerland voucher, free family swim at 1610, cake and coffee vouchers x 6 at Filter Through coffee lounge, £20 for Mole Valley Farmers, £10 Mole Valley Farmer voucher, £25 Holsworthy Golf Club restaurant voucher, Plymouth Argyle Gnome, £20 Fat Face gift card, 2 x adult carvery meals at the Bickford Arms at Brandis Corner, 2 x meals at the Crown and Sceptre, £10 Waitrose gift card, £10 voucher for The Hair Shop, Tamar shooting ground taster session to the value of £40, £50 John Lewis/Waitrose voucher, £20 Next voucher, 4 people to have a round of golf at Holsworthy Golf club, The Green Dragon Inn x 2 persons for a traditional Sunday carvery.
We have also had an Exeter City Football Club shirt, signed by the players, which is being auctioned by silent bids, with a minimum bid of £40. This fantastic prize has been donated by Ryan Bewes.
If you would like to bid on the shirt please either email svanstone@hcc.devon.sch.uk or hand in a written bid, in a sealed envelope for the attention of Mr Vanstone by Friday 20th October.
We would like to thank everyone for their very generous donations.
Pictured Ryan Bewes

HCC Summer School Success
This year twenty pupils who joined Holsworthy Community College this September were invited to participate in the HCC Summer School. This ran for one week from 21st to 25th August, with Literacy and Numeracy sessions in the mornings, followed by outdoor pursuit sessions with Outdoor Adventure in Widemouth Bay and Bude in the afternoon.
It was rewarding to see how much confidence and resilience the pupils gained over the week in the engaging Literacy and Numeracy activities as well as the afternoon sessions which consisted of:-
Day 1. Teambuilding at Outdoor Adventure on the cliffs at Bude
Day 2. Canoeing in threes on the canal at Bude
Day 3. Body boarding at Widemouth Bay
Day 4. Kayaking in pairs in Bude
Day 5. Climbing and abseiling on Maer cliffs
The enthusiasm and full participation of the pupils ensured a very successful week, with Miss Horn and Mr Kerslake thoroughly enjoying the fun outdoor activities too.
Miss Horn delivered engaging Literacy sessions, culminating in the superb ‘5 Senses at the Beach’ poems, Mrs Curry created active Maths Olympics with fun Numeracy sessions on the Astroturf, Mr Kerslake supported in his role as Teaching Assistant.
Mrs Storry – Senior Assistant Headteacher

Holsworthy pupils perform well in new GCSEs

2017 Year 11 Results.jpg

Holsworthy Community College pupils coped well with the new more demanding GCSEs this year. The new 9-4 equivalent measure to last year’s A*-C in English was 74% and in Maths 67%. It is very pleasing that 25% of pupils gained 3 A*/A or more which is an indicator for our Higher Attainers. Over a third, 37%, of all Year 11 pupils gained at least one A*/A grade.

Sam Quance, Adam Dunn and Linus Carey achieved the new exceptional performance Grade 9 in Maths and in English Shannon Sutton-Watson and Susannah Leigh gained this accolade. Susannah Leigh also gained an 8 in Maths with another 5 A*/As in other subjects. Linus Carey achieved another 4 A*s and 3 As in his remaining subjects with straight 7s in English. Sam Quance also earned 4 A*s, 2As and 7s in English (7 is equivalent to an A). In English and Maths the grades were based on written examinations only.

Charlotte Prime achieved straight 8s in English Language and English Literature, 5A*s, 2 As and a B in GCSE Further Maths taken in an after school class with one of her As being in after school RE. Tegan Tyzack gained 5 A*s, and 8 and a 7 in English and Maths respectively. Hattie Oliver’s hard work was rewarded with 7s in English Language and Maths plus 4A*s and 2As in her remaining subjects. James Barriball gained an 8 in Maths, a 7 in English Literature with 4 As and an A* plus a B in Further Maths. Dan Dunmore was rewarded with an 8 in Maths, a B in Further Maths, a 6 in English Literature and 4As plus an A* also.

In the exams retaining the A*-G grading this year there were strong performances as ever. With over a third of pupils taking three separate science to examination level there was the usual 100% A*-C pass rate with 60% of those who took a Triple Science gained A* or A. For the One Science GCSE 82.4% have gained A*-C, which is an increase from last year. In Computer Science the pass mark was 73% A*-C with over 30% of students achieving an A*/A grade. In French the pass rate was 83% and in German 77% A*-C. Geography gained 77%, History 60% and RE was an impressive 88% A*-C. Art gained 76%, GCSE Sport Studies 74% and Music 100% A*-C.

Our students with Special Educational Needs gained good results and it is encouraging that even with challenging GCSE courses they achieved well.

Congratulations to all of our pupils, we wish them all the best with their next steps in life we are proud of their achievements.

Activity Days 2017
On Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th July HCC embarked on the ambitious task of taking over 90% of pupils out of school, with the remainder being involved in various in-school fun activities. Here are a small selection of accounts.
Furniture Making on Activities Day
12 students in Years 7 to 10 have been making contemporary wooden furniture following Mr Rowe’s own design. Students have worked in small teams with Mr Rowe, Mr Caudle and Miss Urquhart constructing separate sections of the seating design. Half of the materials were kindly donated from the PTFA and this matched the College’s funding.
This activities day enabled students to use their technology skills in marking out, drilling, and fitting the various components together, to produce some contemporary furniture for student use.
Miss Urquhart
Camel Trail Cycle
On the first of the activities days, one trip out was to Wadebridge, where we hired bikes and helmets and enjoyed a beautiful sun baked cycle along the Camel Trail to Padstow. It was a real team event and we all made it to Padstow to lock our bikes up in good time. We took a moment out to sit and enjoy the stunning sea view and sea breeze when we arrived. Then we took a short walk into Padstow harbour, which was bustling with summer activity. From a Cornish Male Choir to luxury yachts and ice cream, pasty and fudge shops galore. Students had some time to enjoy the town and then we all enjoyed well-earned fish and chips sat on the harbour slipway. We were lucky with the weather until...the return cycle ride, where we progressively cycled into strong winds and the biggest raindrops we have seen. Saturated, we arrived back in Wadebridge still smiling and having had a super day. Well done everyone involved, we had a great day.
Mrs Bloxham, Mrs Woodhead, Mrs Curry and Mr Schnaar
Cricket Trip
Day 1
On Monday 17th of July we went on a trip to Nottingham (Trent Bridge) to watch the cricket match England vs South Africa. We started travelling at ten to five in the morning, it took us five hours to get to Nottingham (plus some stops along the way). Once we had got there we parked up and went over to watch the cricket. England were batting and the South Africans were amazing fielders and unfortunately got all of our team out. After the cricket we went to Nottingham Forest football club and then on to Notts County football club, the oldest football club in the world, where we went onto the pitch. The absolute highlight was then meeting the England cricket team with lots of us getting pictures and selfies with James Anderson, Stuart Broad and the England captain Joe Root. After that we checked into our hostel and then had tea at Wetherspoons. We then went on to play crazy golf. It was a very hectic day, but one I will remember for a long time.
Day 2
As there was no cricket we had a tour around Nottingham, went shopping and went to the fair. We also travelled home.
Day 3
On day 3, we went to Bude to play cricket. In the first innings we got 98 and Bude got 80. In the second innings we got 90 and they got 63, so overall we won which completed a great 3 days!
Ethan Broad
A great day, in spite of the long journey to Helston. Students and staff had a fun-filled day at Flambards.
Students ran around madly excited, got soaked on the log flume and now have the claim to fame that they have ridden the most southerly rollercoaster in Britain, ‘The Hornet’, a fact that our own Mr Hosie is extremely proud to share with all!
There were other rides that spun, threw, chucked and whirled everyone around, which were very popular. We also found some time to sample some history in the Victorian Village and the Blitz exhibition.
Our students were a credit to the school, and their families, and we enjoyed seeing their excitement throughout the day!
Plymouth Sea Cruise
Mrs Rollason, Miss Johns, Mrs Cobbledick, Mrs Blacher, Mr Shears, Mrs Walsh and Miss O'Brien took 44 pupils to Plymouth for a 'harbour cruise' off the Barbican with 'Plymouth Boat Trips'. The weather was beautiful and the cruise was really interesting; the Captain commentated on the geography and history of the area, and landmarks, over a loudspeaker as we sailed along. The students were absolutely brilliant and the staff on the boat commented that our students were very well behaved; they made us proud, as usual. We then went up to the Barbican Leisure Park and had lunch in one of the restaurants. We split up and everyone chose their favourite out of: Nando's, Pizza Hut, Frankie and Benny's, Chiquito or Pizza Express. We got back on the bus just as the rain, thunder and lightning hit Plymouth, and were back in time for the buses! Just!
Bowling and Cinema
Mrs Rollason, Miss Johns, Mrs Blacher, Mr Hosie, Miss O'Brien, Mrs Cobbledick and Miss Bate, took 45 pupils bowling in Bude at Harlequinn’s Leisure. The pupils all played competitive games and then had an early lunch before we drove to the Rebel Cinema to see Despicable Me 3 - which was brilliant. The cinema gave all the pupils free popcorn and a drink. Mr Hosie regretted getting salty popcorn and resolved to have sweet next time. Luckily, he had a Mr Juicey carton to quench his thirst! The students seemed to enjoy the private showing of the film. It was excellent having the cinema to ourselves. The pupils were an absolute delight to spend the day with.
Horse Riding
We spent 2 days at La Rocco riding stables with 2 groups of pupils as part of the activity days. We all had a brilliant time! The students didn't just ride, but got stuck in with mucking out, grooming, feeding, tack cleaning and general pony care. We had a variety of riding abilities in each group, some having ridden a lot and some not at all. The novices, by the end of their riding session, all managed a rising trot. The more experienced riders, as well as helping the novices, got a chance to canter and jump. Well done particularly to Jade for some great determination in getting her horse to jump and Rosie for her amazing platting. All the students were brilliant, very enthusiastic and well-mannered. The staff at the riding stables commented on how lovely they were and a pleasure to have. A big thank you to everyone at La Rocco for making our days their so enjoyable. Kymble Eldridge, Emily Horn and Clare Heard
Masterchef Challenge
Some ambitious menus were created on Wednesday the 19th July by students opting to take the HCC Masterchef Challenge.
Cakes were made, vegetables chopped, cream whisked, chocolate melted, soup blitzed, salads dressed and all dishes finally assembled for judging.
It was an incredibly close call with the judges finally deciding that the sweet potato soup starter followed by the grilled miso salmon with rice noodles by Drew Williams was the winner. Olliy Inkpen and Eloise Warren jointly won second prize with their cheese stuffed burgers and chocolate cheesecake, which was amazing. Lydia Girdler was third with an enterprising dish of coca-cola chicken, which was fantastic, followed by a strawberry shortcake.
Well done to all the entrants, who delivered some fantastic dishes, all of which the judges could have happily polished off!
Thank you to all the staff and pupils who made the trips and activities so much fun and memorable!

Thank you Mr Fitzsimmons
On Tuesday 11th July we said our ‘official’ goodbye to Executive Head Teacher, Mr Fitzsimmons. Staff, governors, PTFA members and educational leaders gathered together to thank Mr Fitzsimmons for his service to the College. A mosaic was unveiled in recognition of his time at HCC, with a fun addition of ‘DF woz ‘ere 2003-2017’ (there was a slight hitch with the unveiling!). The mosaic was completed by Mrs Bloxham and her Year 9 Art group. A big thank you to our canteen staff for laying on a wonderful cream tea, but mostly thank you to Mr Fitzsimmons for all he has done for the College. Mrs Williams takes over as Head of School at HCC in September, with Mr Chapman, the Executive Headteacher of the Okehampton Federation offering additional support until formation of the proposed MAT in January 2018.
Mrs Williams paid testament to Mr Fitzsimmons’ time at HCC by reading the following:
“Holsworthy Community College staff, students and governors would like to thank David Fitzsimmons for all of his hard work and services as our Executive Head. His ‘sphere of influence’ has extended far and wide and we have all benefitted from his leadership. He has led and supported our federated primary schools of Black Torrington, Bradford and Bridgerule and tried hard to keep others open in these financially challenging times. In doing so, he has shown a tireless commitment to the education of our children from 4-16 years.
In January 2003, Dave started his headship role at Holsworthy Community College, and during the last fourteen years he has made a huge contribution to this school and served his community well. He has led HCC and our primary schools through ten Ofsted inspections with an eleventh one now overdue and too many local authority visits to mention!
However, I believe the snapshot that Ofsted takes is very narrow view. ‘Holsworthy Community College’ ‘The Big School’, ‘The College’, ‘Holsworthy Technology Community College’, and now often abbreviated to simply HCC, are just a handful of the names our school might be referred to. At the heart of our school has always been a leader who has passionately believed in providing the best comprehensive education possible. Over the years we have seen approximately two thousand students progress through Year 11 and out into the community, many of whom return to share with us their news and stories even after they have walked out of those blue front gates. You know you have been in a school a long time, when the children of the students that you taught are now at your school and with Dave being our Executive Head of Holsworthy Federation, this has happened to him earlier, than if we had waited for the children to have arrived here.
Dave has changed many aspects of the school for the better. When we show parents around our school, who attended themselves, they always comment on how much has changed. A great number of improvements have taken place. For example, the new and improved Technology rooms, the new Science labs, new Staff room, Learning Hub, Reception and MUGA floodlights, all of which have been built or massively modernised under Dave’s care. There is not a single classroom in Sanctuary and Stanlake that has not changed. Dave, thank you for enabling all of these changes.
As a teacher, Dave is a linguist and has always championed Modern Foreign Languages’ cause, demonstrated last week in his column for ‘View from the Bridge’ as well as over numerous years when he taught German. He has also been integral in the appraisal process of all of our staff and since 2012 has carried out over 400 lesson learning walks and appraisals. Dave has been our Principal and has been in charge and employed over 90% of all staff. In that respect if a place can be defined by its people, Dave has created HCC as it is today.
It is not just in our locality that Dave has had an influence. For a number of years, he has been supporting colleagues far and wide. He was on the Devon Association of Secondary Heads (DASH) Executive for many years and was Chair of DASH from 2008-12. He was also a prominent Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) Council member, where he was Chair of the Funding Committee and latterly Honorary Treasurer. Therefore, it is not really a surprise that he will continue to work in education by supporting other Heads and senior leaders as part of the ASCL Membership Support Team, both on the Helpline and as a Field Officer in the South West.
Under Dave’s direction so many wonderful experiences have happened for our students, whether this be for them to reach their academic potential, enabling students to visit different cultures, participate in sport at a high level, competing and winning against schools four times our size, or see and be part of new and exciting adventures. To quote one of Dave’s favourite educationalists, Sir John Jones, in his book ‘The Magic Weaving Business: Finding the Heart of Learning and Teaching’ “An individual has to know, understand, be passionate about and live their moral purpose.” Dave does this every week and his weekly newsletter in ‘View from the Bridge’ this will be a hard act for me to follow as the new Head of School. Dave’s voice and thoughts are clearly articulated and he models to everyone his actions and beliefs; even with this newsletter he shares website links and seeks to encourage all of us to be part of the politics that inform and shape education.”

Holsworthy Community College 2017 Prom
Although the sky was overcast and windy, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the 125 students attending the annual Year 11 Prom, which was held at The Falcon, Bude. Arrivals started at 5.40pm and finished at 7.20pm. The impromptu traffic lights at Stratton were a worry, but the majority kept to their scheduled arrival times.
Transport arrivals varied, and included a jet ski on a trailer, tractors, a Landrover, an old fashioned fire engine, a stretch limo and a horse and carriage.
Various awards were given during the evening – best hair of the night, best tie, best make-up and best mode of transport – large, medium and small. Prom Queen was Lucy Poole and Prom King was Max McDonald. The two tiered prom cake, which was cut by the King and Queen, was made by Heidi Horn – thank you so much, it was amazing!
I would like to say a big thank you to the following people: the Prom Committee for making the evening such a success, the Falcon for letting us use their premises, Karen’s covers, Launceston, for decorating the chairs, Leanne Alton for the balloon arch and to Harley-Jo for taking such beautiful photos of the night.
Miss Johns

Year 9 Road Safety Awareness Day
On Thursday 29th June we once again ran our annual Road Safety Awareness Day.
Organised by Emma Gliddon, Year 9 received invaluable education on the effects of drink and drugs and anti-social behaviour from Holsworthy Neighbourhood Police Team. They spent time talking to the students about how their behaviour can impact others negatively and how alcohol and drugs affect you both mentally and physically. They also tried out ‘beer goggles’ to simulate the effect of alcohol and how your perceptions change. Unfortunately when consuming alcohol these changes come on more subtly, so you may not be aware of the full impact, thinking you are more capable than you actually are.
There was also a session by the Devon Air Ambulance. They talked about their work and how invaluable it is when we live in a rural area. They also talked about how they fundraise and how much it costs to operate each year, as it is a charity and receives no government contributions to run. This was really enlightening and something which we can easily take for granted.
Students also spent time with Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue, who showed some pretty graphic videos. Shock tactics are sometimes the best way to make people sit up and take these issues seriously. Thinking this will never happen to me doesn't always work!
The day culminated with a demonstration by Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue and PCSO Rowe. Students were talked through the procedures the emergency services follow once they receive a 999 call about a road traffic collision. The casualty, this year Kai Trivett, was eventually lifted from the vehicle, once it had been made safe and the roof had been cut off. The various steps were explained to students. The experience of being in the vehicle when this was all going on around him was a little scary for Kai.
The message of the day is an important one and one which has been delivered by Emma for the last 11 years. The day was launched following a spate of fatal accidents affecting some ex HCC students. This had a huge impact on Emma and many others at the time and unfortunately still impacts many even now.
It is testament to Emma and those that deliver these sessions that since this educational day was established we have not lost any ex pupils in road accidents.
A huge thank you to the emergency services who gave up their time this year and all the previous years and a huge thank you also to Emma and her team for their professional approach and provision of yet another excellent road safety day.
A video of part of the demonstration is available on the College Facebook page.

Year 8 and 7 Cricket Match
On Thursday 15th June the Year 7 and 8 cricket team played Kingsley.
They went into bat first, with each team having 45 minutes in bat. Kingsley did well, but we fielded brilliantly and in the end Kingsley got 71 runs.
Then it was our turn in bat. We had some great batting from Jasper Presswell, hitting a six and Jake Holloway hitting two sixes, one of which won us the match!
Jake Holloway won Man of the Match for great batting and fielding.
Holsworthy won 74 runs to 71, with 5 minutes left of the batting.
Adam Poole

Year 8 Bear Tracks
On the 13th June some students from HCC were chosen to have a day out in the sun to experience a survival bear tracks activity.
We were all so excited to see what was coming and couldn't wait. Here’s what happened:
Once we arrived at the lovely farm, owned by Jenni Guy, we were taken on an orienteering walk with a little spin to it. Along the course there were answers to questions about English vocabulary and we had to write them down on a sheet and hopefully be the first to finish. Although it was short, we all loved it!
Once we arrived at the camp we were split into 2 groups. My group made fire. First, our lovely teacher for the day, Rolly, told us about how to make fires in the wild if you don’t have a lighter or matches. Once he had explained how to do it, we had a go and it worked! Luckily no one caught on fire!
After break we did shelter building. At the start we were taught how to make a simple shelter with an army sheet and bungees. After that we took it upon ourselves to try and make a more effective shelter, e.g. more space and weather proof. The boys prevailed after finishing their shelter perfectly.
After lunch was the most gross part of the day. Both groups were sat down in a tent and shown ….
how to cook and eat insects!
Yes, it may seem disgusting, and it was, but apparently we could be eating insects every day!
Next it was team games. We were split into 3 teams and placed in front of a pipe with holes in it. Our task was to run with a jug to get water, sprint back and fill up the pipe. The only problem was the pipe had holes so we had to try and cover them up with our hands. The first team did great and were one of the fastest teams ever. Unfortunately, the other teams failed miserably and didn't finish. One student got covered in water when everyone let go, but on a positive note everyone still loved the day.
Unfortunately, after so much fun it was time to go home. We said goodbye to everyone and thanked them. It was amazing.
Eve Langman

HCC Win Rounders Tournament
On Tuesday June 6th, Holsworthy College Year 9 rounders team attended the annual rounders tournament at Budehaven Community School, competing against Budehaven, Launceston and Camelford.
After winning the event for the previous two years, a strong team was taken with the hope of being successful again. Games were timed innings, with each team batting for 7 minutes. In extremely windy and cold conditions, the girls did extremely well to cope and showed some great individual batting, as well as brilliant team work when fielding. The results were as follows, with the opposing team selecting a player of the match for each game at the end.
Budehaven B team 2 -13 Holsworthy (Hayley Shadrick player of the match)
Camelford 5 – 10½ Holsworthy (Naomi Cole player of the match)
Launceston 7½- 9 Holsworthy (Naomi Cole player of the match)
Budehaven A team 8 - 10 Holsworthy (Naomi Cole player of the match)
A big well done must go to all the girls for winning the tournament for a third year running. They now head into next Tuesday’s North Devon tournament full of confidence. The team was as follows: Louise Daniel, Lucy Timbury, Sophie Powell, Issy Edworthy, Naomi Cole, Hayley Shadrick, Louise Daniel, Tallulah Thompson, Sophie Hudson
Mr Pugh
Pictured Naomi Cole and Hayley Shadrick

Right To Good Learning
Please take a moment to look at this video. All parents should be aware of the situation that schools are facing and the impact this is having on your children's education. #righttogoodlearning
Mr Fitzsimmons - Principal, Holsworthy Community College. "The state of school funding in this country is in crisis."

HCC Students perform at the Devon County Show!
“Hayden and I had the opportunity to play a set at the Devon County Show at Westpoint, so on Thursday 18th May, Hayden Miss Iles and I travelled to Exeter. The showground was much bigger than either of us had imagined. We were both thoroughly excited to play to such a big audience.
Once we arrived we were able to explore the grounds before our set then, with the weather on our side, we sat and watched the other musicians in the sun. We had some great feedback from our set and we were both very fortunate for the opportunity to play, as this was our last performance as official Year 11s.
We thank Miss Iles for this opportunity and all the other chances that we’ve had to perform in our five years at HCC.”
Shannon Richards and Hayden Drowne
Well we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for students to perform at The County Show this week, thanks goodness the rain dissipated!
This is the first year that Holsworthy College have performed on the live stage at The County Show. The main stage is organised through Devon Music Education Hub and is an opportunity to highlight musical excellence and the talent of Devon’s young people to the Show’s 95,000 visitors across 2 days.
I completed the application form at the end of April for some of the Year 11s to perform and fortunately they were chosen and given a 20 minute slot to showcase their work. As always their performances were of a very high standard, even battling against the breeze and having to quickly peg the music to the stand, Shannon and Hayden did not disappoint in making me very proud. I was approached by a member of the public who had stopped to listen to their set and he thought they were professional musicians, so was slightly taken aback when I informed them that they were still at school.
We did try to get a little ‘air time’ with BBC Radio Devon, but the crew were out around the arenas filming and recording so that will take a back seat for next time!
Miss Iles

South West Handball Championships
On Wednesday 10th May Holsworthy U15 handball team travelled to Paignton for the South West Championships.
We were put in a group with Wadebridge, Purbeck and Orchard.
Our first game was against Wadebridge. We started badly conceding 3 goals early on, but then a strong goal by Richard Orchard led us to improve our play and we went on to score 4 goals to make the final result a 4-3 win. Goals were from Luke Self, Kameron Forward and Richard Orchard (2). This was a great comeback and gave us a good start to the competition.
In the second game we played Purbeck. We had a poor start conceding a goal early on and our defence started to lack. We made a superb effort to come back, however were unable to take the lead. Riley Orchard made some brilliant saves, but couldn't keep them all out. Final score was 7-4 to Purbeck.
Once again we got off badly in the third game, going one behind. After that it was a hard-fought game which we sadly lost 4-3. This result caused us not to get through our group and therefore not making the final. All goals in the last game were scored by Richard.
It was a great day and a valuable learning experience. We played against a number of South West of England and England players, which shows we are not far off of competing at the top level.
Archie Furber and Jamie Hunt
Riley Orchard, Richard Orchard, Archie Furber, Josh Smith, Kameron Forward, Luke Self, Callum Johnson

HCC Win the Devon County Cup!
Thursday 4th of May saw the highly anticipated Devon County Cup final match between Holsworthy and Torquay Boys’ Grammar School. After some tunes on the bus the boys were hyped to go out and fight our way to a win. The match kicked off and the tension was high, with Holsworthy putting high pressure on Torquay and creating many chances. The boys were keeping it tight in the middle and winning everything, allowing the players around them to be creative. Callout to Ollie who had to come off after an injury, which saw him end up in A&E after a very hard, but fair challenge. Kieran was outstanding, keeping their dangerous left midfield on a leash, whilst being consistently fouled. At half time the score was 0-0 with very little between the two sides.
The second half was much of the same, with Holsworthy dominating the ball without breaking the deadlock. Eventually after missing a few chances Max McDonald whipped in a delicious cross, which was matched by a strong header from Ben Furber, that was rather challenging for the keeper and he fumbled the ball into the net. What a goal! 1-0 to Holsworthy!
As soon as the match reset, Holsworthy screwed their heads on for defending. Time was whizzing by as the opposition were on the attack. Due to great defending and high pressure they were able to keep the ball out of the net. The final score was 1-0 and Holsworthy went home champions, for the first time in Holsworthy’s history!
What a game and thanks to our very loyal families who travelled to watch the match and have supported us throughout all competitions and matches we have played.
We went home with our heads high and smiles on our faces, topped off by a celebratory meal in McDonald's!
Thank you to those who have supported us throughout our careers at Holsworthy Community College. And last, but not least, thank you to Mr Watkins and Mr Vanstone who have organised and made this significant win possible—thank you from all the lads!
Year 11 Football Team and Devon County Champions
"I am so proud of the boys, this really is such a great achievement beating huge schools in Exmouth, St Luke's and now Torquay Grammar. They have been an inspiration to other year groups and will be remembered for winning the county cup for years to come.”
Mr Vanstone

HCC Run A Mile for Charity
Friday saw over 50 students and teachers from Holsworthy Community College take part in a 30 minute run to accumulate as many marathons as a collective group as possible in aid of CLIC Sargent. The students were fantastic and managed to raise a staggering £1,344 with money still coming in! Cumulatively, the students and teachers managed to run a massive 4.8 marathons (201,600 metres) in the time given! The way in which everyone pulled together to raise money and awareness for such a deserving charity showed me just how kind-hearted and considerate the students here at Holsworthy Community College are. It is special moments like this that got me into teaching in the first place and why I love working with young people so much. They continue to amaze me by their generosity and enthusiasm to make the right life choices for the benefit of others in need and Friday showed what a credit these students are to their local community.
Less than 48 hours after this, it was my turn to take up a position on the start line on behalf of CLIC Sargent in the Virgin London Marathon 2017. One month prior to the marathon I wasn't sure if I could complete the 26.2 mile journey around the capital, following a knee injury I had picked up in a football match, which halted my training for three weeks. Fortunately the knee injury didn't jeopardise the marathon attempt and I managed to get around the course in 3 hours and 20 minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed the race as per usual with the party-like atmosphere getting me through those tougher moments from mile 20 and beyond.
Alongside the support of the crowd, it is the sentimental reasons for running the marathon that gets me across the finishing line each year. This is the 4th year that I have ran the London Marathon on behalf of the children's Cancer charity and people often ask why I do so. Aged 15, my mum suddenly passed away due to a brain aneurysm which inspired me to want to raise money to benefit those in need. Whilst my mum didn't pass away from cancer, I have worked with young people since I can remember and I've met several truly astonishing and brave young people who have had first-hand experience with it and so CLIC Sargent, for me, was the perfect fit. I continually stress to people that you don't have to have experienced cancer yourself, or within your immediate family, in order to raise money to benefit the lives of others.
Reflecting on what has been a truly memorable few days, I must thank every student who took part, every person who has donated, and anyone else who has been supportive in this process for pulling together to make such a huge difference to CLIC Sargent in allowing them to carry out the fine work that they do.
Nathan Cox

Show Jumping News
Well done to Theo Funnell who did a lovely test at his championships, but being on such a young horse he was just out of the placings; they couldn't have ridden any better, it was just the pony’s lack of experience this year.
We were proud to be represented by Theo Funnell, Beth Down, Alicia Old and Maddie Fowler at the recent North Devon Schools show jumping league competition at Coxleigh Barton in Barnstaple, where there were approximately 40 competitors per class!
Beth did a lovely couple of rounds in the 60cm as an individual competition. Then our team went forward for the team competition in the 70cm. There were 3 young inexperienced ponies on our team, but this didn't get in the way of them pulling out all the stops to finish after two rounds with just 4 faults! This left our team in 3rd, an amazing achievement in a hotly contested class! Alicia Old also came 6th individually after a super speedy jump off! The following class was the 80cm and Theo and Alicia both competed in this as individuals. Both rode amazingly and Theo's fast jump off left him with a 5th place! Both Alicia and Theo's ponies didn't have a fault all day!
We were very fortunate to get some of our very smart team kit sponsored by 2 local businesses: Vicky Spinal Therapy and Becky Parker Farrier! The team looked and acted so professionally, being polite and considerate to helpers and other competitors. Later that evening Mrs Funnell received a message from the organisers saying that lots of people had commented on how polite our pupils had been and that they were an absolute credit to our school! This was lovely to receive and we are very proud of our students.
A huge thank you to Sophie Funnell for organising the event on behalf of HCC and we look forward to seeing how the team get on in the second competition on 1st May.

Born to Win Competition
On Friday March 17th, fifteen Year 7 pupils attended the Born to Win TAG afternoon at Budehaven Community School. As part of the afternoon the pupils were required to rotate around six stations which tested various skills such as co-ordination, power, agility and endurance, which they scored points on depending on how well they performed. The pupils were competing as individuals, along with a number of pupils from Budehaven School with a chance of qualifying for a Talent Development Academy which will be run as an after school club at the College for a six-week period, where coaches will work on developing the athletes’ key sporting skills which can be transferred into their specialty sport.
All of the participants from the College did extremely well, especially on the 8 minute run, which saw some pupils run well over a mile within that time; a fantastic achievement for that age. A special mention must go to Amelia who accumulated the most points out of all the girls participating to finish in first place with 104 points, as well as Lucy Burnard who finished in joint 3rd position on 102 points. In the boys’ category, Mitchell Harris finished with 102 points and Adam Poole with 101 points. A big well done must go to all the pupils who attended, giving a great account of themselves and Holsworthy College.
Participants- Mitchell Harris, Adam Poole, Scott Bingham, Finley Cackett, Amelia, Lucy Burnard, Elouise Polhill, Ruby Bryant, Maddy Old, Erin Slade, Alicia Old, Lucy Storry, Grace, Alisha Squirrell, Rebecca Lucas

Year 7 Hockey team to represent Cornwall in South West Tournament
Congratulations to the Year 7 girls Bude hockey team, who played spectacularly well, winning most of their matches, to come second in the recent Cornwall County competition, last week.
As a result, they have been selected to represent Cornwall in the South West Tournament in Clifton, Bristol .
All the girls are from HCC hockey team, except two from Budehaven.
Good luck to all the girls in the South West Tournament and in the Cornwall selection in the summer term.

Krakow 2017
To say this was an 'enjoyable' trip would be an understatement. This trip has been an eye opening and harrowing experience, one that will stay with us for a long time. Learning about the culture of Poland, and the history of the Holocaust was very thought provoking and for many was a once in a lifetime experience. When we arrived at Krakow we went on a walking tour of the city. We saw many historical monuments, one of which being Wawel, the dominating natural feature of the town, Kazimierz, the former Jewish quarter and the university district where we saw many university buildings, where many well-known people studied, including the famous astronomer Kopernicus, the first to challenge the theory that the Earth was the centre of the universe.
On Tuesday we visited the Schindler Factory Museum, where we were given a guided tour and learned more about Oscar Schindler, a man declared righteous of the nation by Yad Vashem, a Jewish group, because of his bravery saving many Jewish lives during the war. Following this we went to the Wielikczka Salt Mines, a UN World heritage site, where we walked around the multitude of passageways which are around 110 metres below the surface. Before the evening meal at the hotel, we had the opportunity to go shopping at the Sukiennice, an original medieval cloth hall, more than 800 years old. Inside was a vast array of amber jewellery, in many colours, the perfect present for Mother's Day, so sir told us!
On Wednesday we visited Auschwitz, the main camp and Auschwitz II called Birkenau, where we found out about the treatment of the people within the camp, which was horrific. They slept 4 people to a bed, had straw as their mattresses and there were a vast number of deaths which took place especially in the infamous gas chambers. This experience was one I will never forget, but one I am truly pleased to have had.
We then went to the Galicia Museum after our tour. Here we viewed the ‘Traces of Memories' exhibition, where we learnt more about the Jewish culture and how out of the original 3.5 million Jews, only 8 thousand remain. The exhibition emphasised this point and the importance of people like us sharing what we learnt and helping to preserve the Jewish culture that remains today.
After viewing the exhibition, we spoke to Monika Goldswasser, a holocaust survivor. She told us her story and how it felt growing up at such an awful time when her culture was destroyed. She explained how her family put her up for adoption as a very young child in the hope that she would get a good life. She explained how she didn't see a picture of her birth mother until she was 50. Despite her not being able to speak English, the tone of her voice showed how the past had affected and shaped her as a person. It was a truly interesting thing to witness and I am glad to have met such a lovely person.
The evening meals were all lovely three course meals and I think I speak for us all when I say we learnt a lot more ways to cook chicken and potatoes!
I would like to thank Mr Scott, Miss Sampson, Mrs Wade and Miss O’Brien.
Clare Ley
“We had a huge amount of really positive comments from members of the public, especially at the airport with the delay, regarding the fantastic behaviour of the students. I hope that students learnt a lot from the trip and will linger in the memory for years to come. Thank you for being such an amazing group. It was a privilege sharing the trip with these students.”
Mr Scott
Pictured: students at the Birkenau Death Camp where they were unloaded for selection to either work or go to the gas chambers.
HCC through to Finals of County Cup
On Thursday 16th March HCC Year 11 dream team played Exmouth in the semi-finals of the County Cup. After their disappointing defeat against Gordon’s School, Woking, in the English Schools’ cup, they were determined to put that behind them and be victorious once again!
Before the game the team were nervous, but excited. They hoped to continue their record of never having lost at home during their entire time at HCC. They were not to be disappointed!
The game started with some tension between the two teams, with chances at both ends being missed. Good defending from Jon Skinner and Joel Greening kept the ball out of the HCC goal. With good forward play HCC began to create more chances. We were quite evenly matched and the first half ended 0-0.
After an inspiring team talk from Mr Vanstone at half time the boys went out more determined than ever. The chances that HCC created increased and the momentum built, finally creating a chance from a corner by Ben Furber, headed by Jon Skinner and finally put over the line by Joel Greening – great team work from HCC resulted in 1-0!
The rest of the game passed and with great defending once again, HCC managed to keep a clean sheet for the full game.
A fantastic effort from the HCC team means they are now through to the finals of the County Cup, which hopefully will be played before the end of term.
Ben Furber

Year 7 Teambuilding
Year 7 students had a great time on Thursday 9th March.
They spent the day with Mrs Storry and the PE department taking part in activities both in school and in Widemouth Bay with Outdoor Adventure, which is based on the clifftops with fantastic views all down the coast.
Half of the year group started the day in Bude taking part in six different outdoor activities. They were split into groups for: spider’s web, bungee box, tennis ball challenge, plank and mushroom balancing, gantry challenge and seesaw balancing. Each activity encouraged team work and problem solving, but made it fun. It also enabled the students to work with other people in their year group that they might not normally work or socialise with.
The College activities took place in the Sports Hall and were again team building and problem solving.
Activities such as passing a hoop over each person’s head in turn, whilst holding hands, encouraged the students to work together to encourage each other to complete the task, in the fastest time!
They were very competitive, but there was much laughter and many smiles during the day.
“It was a great day. I really enjoyed all the activities, there was nothing I didn’t like.”
“It was great fun being outdoors and doing so many fun activities. It was also muddy, which I love.”
“It was very educational and fun because we all worked together as a team at the Outdoor Adventure.”

National Science Week Celebrations at HCC 2017 — Wednesday and Thursday 8th and 9th March
Primary Pupils - Wednesday 8th March
We were delighted to host the popular Bristol based Explorer Dome light show for a record number of 207 of our primary school pupils. ‘The only mobile, inflatable planetarium dome in the UK with 100% presenter- led, interactive, lively, hands-on science shows. Our enthusiastic and talented science presenters can bring a variety of different themed science shows and workshops to you and will specifically tailor them for age and abilities of your group. Running since 1998, Explorer Dome is a popular and successful science outreach company.‘
The KS2 Light Show:
An investigation into light and colour, what light is, where is comes from , how it travels and how we see a dazzling and enlightening display of effects and experiments- all the more thrilling inside the darkened dome.
The show and presenters received very positive feedback from both pupils and Primary Teachers.

 Wed 8th March 
Primary School 
Number of pupils 
9.00 to 9.50 
Black Torrington 
9.50 to 10.40 
11.00 to 11.50 
11.50 to 12.40 
1.20 to 2.10 
2.20 to 3.00 
St Giles 
Tuesday 9th March 9 .30 am 

Thursday 9th March - Year 8 Space day
KS3 - Space Show: Our planet, moon, sun and solar system; how they move and what we see in the sky.
Explore our planet, moon, sun and solar system; how they move and what we see in the sky. The origin and evolution of Space and Stars - Cosmology , constellations and the possibility of life in other worlds
Year 8 pupils thoroughly enjoyed the Space show to enrich their KS3 Curriculum, as did all the staff who accompanied them in the dome!
Thank you very much to Mrs Gist and Mrs Lovegrove for organising the day with the primary schools , plus Mr Pugh for ferrying them back and forth in our HCC minibuses to enable so many to participate in the National Science week celebrations.

So Close for HCC!
On the 1st of March 2017 the high spirited lads from Holsworthy set off on the long journey to Woking.
The team were looking forward to the tough game ahead of them against a strong Gordon's school. After a long bus journey, with some banging tunes, the lads arrived at their cosy Travelodge and settled in. The team then headed out for a scrumptious meal at Frankie & Bennies and carbo-loaded in preparation for the next day.
After a good night’s sleep and a pre-match meal, the boys were prepped for the biggest game in Holsworthy history.
Kick off began, both teams were battling hard and the game looked very even. Holsworthy conceded a corner, which was fumbled about the box and came out to the Gordon's striker’s feet. He slotted it top corner to give them the lead. The boys battled hard, but couldn't seem to finish their chances. The half time score was 1-0 to Gordon's.
We came back on, confident that we could still win and we seemed to be dominating the second half, but after some sloppy defending Gordon's had another shot, which Sam Quance saved, but their striker soon came in and scored the rebound. Holsworthy were now 2-0 down, but they kept their heads high and soon were rewarded with a goal with Josh Down scoring the best goal in Holsworthy history— a 40 yard screamer just put out of the goalie’s reach! The rest of the game was very tense, with both teams having lots of chances - with one of Holsworthy shots being cleared off the line.
The final score was 2-1 to Gordon's. Man of the match Josh Down. The lads travelled home disappointed with the loss, but happy to have got so far in such a big competition.
Max McDonald, Ben Furber and Sam Quance
“I'm so proud of the boys; an incredible achievement to get so far in a national competition .” Mr Vanstone

Ski Trip 2017
Holsworthy Community College took 35 boys and girls aged from 12 – 16, accompanied by 4 members of staff to the Aosta Valley Skiing and Snowboarding in the February Half Term, travelling with Interski.
After a 24-hour coach journey and boots, skis and snowboards sorted, everyone arrived at the Hotel Bellevue for a late lunch and to settle in before the fun started Monday morning.
The weather was warm with mainly bright blue cloudless skies which made for ideal skiing conditions, which showed at the end of the week when all students were awarded their certificates by the instructors. Lots had funny stories to tell including one about Theo who spent most of his time trying to overtake the instructor or doing 360s downhill.
This was my first time skiing and as a leader on a residential trip with HCC, and I can honestly say that the students were amazing and were a real credit to Holsworthy Community College. We had lots of laughs with lots of falling over, but everyone had a fantastic time. Roll on the next ski trip!
Kirstie Stone
“Everyone enjoyed the trip loads. The views were amazing and there was snow everywhere. The journey there took around a day, but was worth it when we got there.
All the instructors were really nice and spoke fluent English.
There were a variety of slopes from small blue runs for beginners to towering blacks for more advanced skiers.
The people at the hotel were lovely and spoke surprisingly good English.
A big thank you to everyone who arranged the trip and thank you to the adults that came along.”
Heidi Thompson
“The ski trip 2017 was a huge success. Every student that went came back with a smile on their face and loads of stories.
Pila Aosta was a brilliant resort with plenty of snow for skiing and maybe the occasional snowball fight!
The weather was in our favour as the sun shone brightly every day and surprisingly the temperature was extremely warm. The pros were off in seconds whizzing down the red runs (harder slopes) while the newbies learnt the basics like how to STOP! That took a bit of time, but as soon as we could stop, we were off.
The instructors were amazing and made the experience so much fun.
The evening activities were brilliant. My personal favourite was bowling. The teachers were definitely not competitive (they were!)
Thanks to all the teachers for a brilliant week.”
Gaby Moran

Raising Aspirations: Women in Engineering
Students were given the opportunity to attend the Women in Engineering Day at Exeter College on Friday 10th February. The event was open to female students in Year 9 and 10, with the aim of the event to promote construction trades as a viable career for women.
This unique event was aimed at introducing girls to the employment opportunities in the construction industry and highlight some of the careers they could aim for such as architect, civil engineer, quantity surveyor, plumber, electrician, carpenter and many more. Construction is no longer a male only industry and women can aim for the very top positions. The students had the opportunity to try practical workshops in civil engineering, bricklaying, carpentry or painting and decorating at the industry standard construction training centre at Sowton. There were also current female students on hand to help out and talk about their own experiences learning these trades.
“On the trip I mostly enjoyed making a wooden photo frame because it was simple and it actually looks really good. Not only that, but now I don’t mind wood work as much.”  Collen Wilcox
“On the Women in Engineering trip I mostly enjoyed the electrician bit.” Lily Dunn
“I had an amazing day at Exeter College. It confirmed that I wanted to do engineering in the forces (RAF) when I am older. My favourite parts were crushing the concrete block and making the wooden picture frames.” Paige Hooper
“I had a great time at Exeter College as it gave me the opportunity to see what it would be like to do engineering. My favourite activity was the carpentry as it allowed me to try something new. Overall I thought it was a good day and very worthwhile.” Louse Harris
“I enjoyed my time at Exeter College. As well as showing us the opportunities we have and how we are no longer restricted it showed us the amazing facilities on offer in the future and how we can expand our education. Overall it was a great, fun day.” Alice

Youth Speaks Competition
What an effort! I could not have been more pleased with the commitment, confidence and poise with which our three sets of Youth Speaks teams presented their speeches to the Rotary club representatives after school on Friday 27th January.
The first team of Eloise Warren, Peter McCabery and Joe Lopez were polished and fluent in their delivery on the subject of “Mental Health Awareness”. What a positive start!
Next up were Tilly Daniel, Lydia Lavender and Sophie Sleeman and their chosen subject, “Designer Bags-Designer Babies!” Wow- what a performance!
Finally, the team of Jamie Hunt, Euan Scott and Elizabeth Hampton. What a sophisticated and enlightening speech on their chosen subject of “Freewill versus Determination”
I have to say that I learnt so much from all three speeches and felt that my knowledge of these subjects had risen as a result of hearing about these scintillating subjects!
I could not have chosen a winning team. However, in a very, very close run result, Tilly, Lydia and Sophie have progressed to the next stage of the competition which will take place at in the Sixth Form Centre at Shebbear College on Thursday 9th February commencing at 5pm. Please support this event if you can. We would love to see you there!
All the very best, team! You are a credit to Holsworthy Community College.
Mr Shears

Year 11 Football
On Tuesday 24th January the flamboyant Year 11 lads faced St Bernard’s Catholic School from Slough in the quarter finals of the ESFA Boys U16 Premier League Small Schools’ Cup. This prestigious national tournament is tough, but not for our lads! 125 teams entered the competition which is for schools with fewer than 65 boys in Year 11.
HCC had faced this school last year in the last 16, but unluckily lost 3-1, knocking them out of the competition.
Before the match the team spirits were high. We have done lots of training outside of school; most of us play for Holsworthy and we have played football together since we were about 10!
The first 20 minutes or so of the match were tense, but then things changed! Max McDonald played a weighted ball over the top to Will Harris who smashed it into the top corner. The crowd went wild! 1-0 to Holsworthy! Jay Thomas then capitalised on an opportunity to roll the ball into the bottom corner from about 20 yards out – 2-0 to HCC!
5 minutes later Max was brought down just outside the box as the game was starting to get heated. Ben Furber then calmly placed the ball into the top corner from the free kick. 3-0 HCC!
Another short period later HCC won another free kick 35 yards away from the goal. Jay Thomas then rifled this one in – 4-0 HCC!
Half time approached and the boys were buzzing. A team talk at half time with Mr Vanstone made the boys realise that although the game looked like it had been won, it was far from over.
As they started the second half, HCC were confident, but not complacent. Defending solidly from numerous St Bernard’s attacks, John Skinner and Joel Greening remained composed and kept the ball away from the HCC goal. Halfway into the second half a long ball reached Ben Furber and he knocked it over the keeper. 5-0 HCC!
The game was again getting heated, but HCC remained in control with strong challenges from Kieran Langman and Josh Down. With 5 minutes remaining Olti Arriki finished powerfully into the bottom corner, leaving the St Bernard’s team disappointed. 6-0 to HCC on the final whistle.
HCC will now go into the semi-finals, which could see them travelling some distance if the next match is away.
Max McDonald

So, basically - Physics can be fun!
In a recent Physics lesson we used a Go-Kart to demonstrate the relationship between Force, Mass and Acceleration. Pupils were challenged to represent the real life forces on the go-kart with free-body force diagrams. This leads on to a discussion of how the relationship can be represented in an equation F = M x A. Finally pupils were given numerical values and asked to calculate how much one pupil can accelerate another pupil on the go-kart.
By the end of the lessons all pupils achieved the outcomes of the lesson:
Explain what happens to the motion of an object when the resultant force is not zero.
Analyse situations in which a non-zero resultant force is acting.
(Higher tier) Explain what inertia is.
“We had a lesson on forces, which was a fun lesson because we used a go-kart to represent forces and air resistance with different weight on. “
“We had a lesson on forces which was good fun. We used a go-kart to learn about F=MA by pushing a pupil around the classroom and recognising what forces were acting on the go-kart. Overall the lesson was fun and we learnt a lot about forces.”
“We had a lesson on forces which was really good fun. We got the go-kart to learn about F=MA which was a fun lesson and really helped with our learning.”
“We had a lesson on forces which was interesting. We used a go-kart to learn about F=MA. When using the go-kart we had to figure out if there was more or less force than normal. We then changed the mass and force to change the results, the bigger the force, the bigger the acceleration and the bigger the mass the more normal force there was.”
“We used a go-kart to learn about F=Ma. It really helped and was a lot of fun because it was active. We had different weights on the go-kart and learnt about friction and air resistance.”
“We had a Science lesson on forces, which was pretty fun. We went on the go-kart and we learnt about F=MA which meads Force = Mass x Acceleration. We had lots of fun.”

Raising Aspirations Year 10 Talented and Gifted Visit to Exeter College
On Wednesday 11th January 22 pupils from Year 10 attended an inspirational day at Exeter College with a focus on
Reach Academy and the International Baccalaureate (IB) qualification.
The IB lecture was added to the programme at our request after last year’s visit, so thank you to Angela Stubbington at Exeter College for the action packed day.
Thank you to Miss Trainor-Roulstone and Mrs Woodhead for accompanying and driving the mini buses on the day.
My favourite session was the forensic science entomology (study of bugs) hands on session with maggots (in petri dishes)
to work out the stages of a decomposing corpse by the life cycle of a blow fly and the size of the maggot.
Also, the tour of the college was very impressive, with lots of new purpose built buildings.
The programme is detailed below, along with the very positive feedback from the pupils who are now considering a wide variety of post 16 options
that were explained by both lecturers and students from the college.
Mrs Storry
Welcome Talk (Assistant Principal)
Reach Academy presentation
International Baccalaureate presentation
Faculty taster sessions (students to choose either Maths and Science pathway or English and Humanities Pathway)
Tour of college
Q&A with current Exeter College students
“I really enjoyed the day and am excited about the International Baccalaureate course. I have already planned which subjects to do and feel really motivated to succeed in school.” Reece
“I have learned a lot about college life at Exeter and the trip has broadened my knowledge of what I want to study. I was intrigued by the IB programme and what it can offer.” Joe Lopez
“I found out a lot about IB and really enjoyed classics. Exeter has a really wide range of options and lots of opportunities.” Elizabeth Hampton
“I enjoyed the tour because I got to see all of the different buildings and facilities and see how modern the college was.” Tilly Daniel
“I learned a lot about the International Baccalaureate and it got me thinking about my options post 16.” Ellie Burnard
“I really enjoyed the trip, especially Steve the hacker and the maggots in genetic science. I’m most likely going to take A Level computer science. Thanks Mrs Storry.” S
“The Exeter trip was good for me to see what options there are post 16, such as the IB, which most of us didn't know about.
The taster session was good because we didn't know forensic science was an A Level.” Sophie Sleeman
“I thought that forensic science was really interesting. It changed my mind about Exeter College.” Maddie Dean-Fowler
“I have learned a lot about the different pathways I could take after school.” Ursula Owen
“The ‘how to plan a murder’ taster session didn't actually show you how to plan a murder, it just showed you pictures of a dead person and the life cycle of a fly.” Jake Hobbs

Year 10 Eden Trip
On Tuesday 13th December Year 10 students from Holsworthy Community College had an exciting day at the Eden Project.
The first hour at Eden was a fun ice skating session which we are very pleased to report that all pupils participated in. "It was really good fun; I enjoyed it!" Lewis Ross.
The skating rink was beautifully decorated and got everyone in the Christmas spirit!
The students were good sports trying really hard to stay upright on the skating rink—it was very funny to watch as lots fell over—time and time again!
10 out of 10 for effort, perseverance and courage!
We then had an introductory talk and lecture by Eden staff on the Eden Project and recycling across the globe.
The afternoon consisted of two sessions in the Mediterranean and Tropical Biomes following an orienteering trail and completing a booklet about biology to enhance the KS4 curriculum.
Thanks to Mrs Godwin and Mr Jenkinson for organising this amazing experience for Year 10 and to Mrs Malpass, Mr Bulut and Miss Little for their fabulous ice skating!
Also to Mrs Heard, Mr Baldwin, Mrs Gist and Mrs Lovegrove for being very supportive team leaders whilst exploring the dome.
The feedback from both Eden staff and the Hills bus drivers were that our Year 10 pupils displayed exemplary behaviour.
Mrs Storry

College Christmas Dinner 2016
On Thursday 8th December HCC held their annual Christmas dinner.
The lunchtime was extended by an additional twenty minutes to cope with the extra number of dinners—approximately 150 were served!
Everyone enjoyed this festive feast; it is incredibly impressive how many meals were served and in such a short period of time.  A huge thank you to our wonderful canteen staff for cooking up this delicious dinner.

Year 8 win County Cup first round
On 24th November the Year 8 football team went to Teignmouth to play in a Devon County Cup match.
We started well and dominated the first half of the game and went into half time 1-0 up.
Within the first 10 minutes Teignmouth equalised to put us under a bit of pressure.
We took a bit longer to start properly in the second half as Teignmouth came back out strongly.
However, we eventually picked up our momentum and scored a second goal to put us back in the lead.
Teignmouth soon came back to equalise again and the pressure was on once again.
We had a lot of chances to score, but failed to get the shots on target. The game was tough, but we managed to break through to get a late goal to win 3-2.
It was a very good game and we will now go through to the next round of the cup.
Man of the match was Charlie Presswell.
Ritchie Jollow and Callum Johns

HCC Spotacular Fundraising
On Friday 18th November Holsworthy Community College students spent the day in non-uniform in aid of Children in Need. Many students also took part in sponsored events up to and including the day. By far the most popular was a sponsored silence, but other events included a sponsored walk by Ryan, who has over £100 pledged, Freya Laming cycled 12 miles and raised £27.40, Zoe Whinnerah read 12 books over a week and took Accelerated Reader quizzes on them all and raised a fantastic £51.58 and Eden Frost spent the day singing instead of speaking, which was very entertaining! The Art Club ran a raffle to win a cake and sold over 100 tickets. The cake, made by Heidi and Abigail Thompson (with a bit of help from their mum) was amazing and must have taken a lot of hard work. Heidi and Abigail both purchased raffle tickets and the winning ticket turned out to belong to Heidi! She had already said that if she won the cake she would donate it to the HCC staff—what a superstar! Abigail, Heidi and Georgia took their wonderful cake down to the staff room and the staff were amazed and very proud of these wonderful students. A staff sweepstake of guess the number of spots on a cake from the BBC website was subscribed to by 20 staff. Miss Dance had the closest guess—only 2 out! She very kindly donated her £20 winnings to the charity.
Some teachers took part in the BBC Mannequin Challenge, where they stood absolutely still in a pose for around 2 minutes. This was done at lunchtime, much to the amusement of the students. The College also sold Pudsey keyrings, Pudsey ears and festival wristbands to staff and students. Other events included a line of 2 pence pieces around the hall. This was well supported, with the line reaching a staggering 111 feet, which raised £25.38—that means we collected 1,269 two pence pieces! So far we have raised an astounding £807.27! If students still have sponsor money to hand in please do so urgently, so we can get it sent off to Children in Need. A huge thank you to you all for supporting this national charity event.

HCC Charity Fundraising
On Thursday 17th November HCC welcomed Peter Lambourn, from the Devon Air Ambulance Trust, who had come into school to receive a cheque for £107.01. This was raised from our recent ‘Bake Off for Take Off’ competition. The cheque was presented by the winner of the competition, Gaby Moran and the competition organiser Mrs Gliddon. “Thank you for your generous donation. The Air Ambulance is only able to operate because of donations; we receive no government funding. We are dependent on the Air Ambulance in this area, which is now able to fly up until midnight.”
Mrs Gliddon also delivered an assembly to Zeus House about Children in Need, which is another charity the College is supporting this year.
The staff and students have really got on board with the fundraising for Children in Need this year. We have various events happening around the school – from the BBC mannequin challenge for Children in Need to a line of 2 pence pieces running along the inside of the hall – so far measuring an impressive1,400 cm (26 feet!) Many students are doing sponsored events in school – by far the most popular is a sponsored silence, so it may well be a quiet fundraising day on Friday 18th! Students are also being encouraged to ‘Wear their Spots’ on a non- uniform day.

Children in Need 2016
Don’t forget Children in Need- Friday 18th November
Friday 18th November is a non-uniform day with a suggested donation of £1—wear your spots!
If you are doing a sponsored event in school please let your mentor know.
We have had 2 Pudsey money boxes, kindly donated by Lloyds Bank, which will be presented to the top two fundraisers, so make sure you hand your sponsor forms and money raised in to your mentor by Monday 21st November.
Remember to bring in your 2 pence pieces to add to the line around the hall, which is gradually growing! The line was measured this morning—currently standing at 800cm which is 26 ft.
We also still have some Pudsey ears, keyrings and festival wristbands for sale in the Library. Don’t miss out!
We look forward to seeing your creative ‘spotty’ outfits next Friday!

Netballers Raise Money for their Dresses 
On Monday 31st October Miss Goldsworthy and the Year 11 GCSE Sports Leaders ran a fancy dress netball tournament to raise money to buy a set of netball dresses for the Year 7 and 8 team.
Each member of the netball team brought in a raffle prize and sold tickets to help raise the money needed. Amazingly we managed to raise £411, which is enough to buy a set of dresses for both Year 7 and 8!
A big thank you to the Year 11 GCSE leaders who did an excellent job running the tournament which also included some spooky Halloween fun such as running the gauntlet and searching for spiders and mice in a bucket full of slime!
Best fancy dress was won by Holly.
The runners up were Amelia Wilson and Grace.

Year 9 Battlefields’ Trip
11/10/16 Day 1
It was an extremely early morning, arriving at 3:30am where we had to get on the bus for a 10-hour journey into France. We arrived in France at approximately 2 o’clock, after a Eurotunnel Crossing, before journeying onto the Canadian National Memorial at Vimy Ridge. We stretched our legs and had a tour around the preserved trenches, underground tunnel tour and looked around the factual museum, before visiting the Vimy Ridge Memorial itself. It is magnificent, a huge, reflective white memorial with praying angels and thousands of inscribed names of those who were missing and who died in that area.
To end this day, we walked into the local town of Albert and had a lovely meal out at a local restaurant. We then went back to the youth hostel and had a relaxing evening after a long day.
Wednesday 12/10/16 Day 2
On a very cold, frosty morning we first visited the Devonshire Cemetery on the Somme Battlefield. This was very close to our heart as the majority of those who died there came from the same places as us. A lasting phrase from the cemetery was “The Devonshire’s Held This Trench, The Devonshire’s Hold It Still”. We also saw the landscape where the Battle of the Somme was fought.
We then made a quick stop off at Lochnagar Crater; it was unbelievable. 60,000lbs of dynamite had been blown up underneath the German trenches. It was said to have been heard in London! It threw up 4000 tonnes of earth into the air, which doesn’t bear thinking about, to experience such horror.
After this we travelled to the Thiepval Memorial; this was a moving part of the trip where Rebecca Bromell laid a wreath for her great- great uncle, whose name is on the memorial. The memorial at Thiepval is to commemorate the missing in the Somme, with 73,000 names carved into the stone. Emily Bromell read out her beautiful poem in a ceremony ran by the British Legion, which is being conducted every day from July 1st to November 18th for the 100th Remembrance of the Somme.
In the afternoon, we went to Newfoundland Memorial Park, this is where 800 Newfoundland men went over the top on July 1st, but then the next day only 68 men reported to be fit for battle; this was a huge loss for a tiny country. We journeyed through the restored trenches, experiencing what the soldiers would have seen 100 years ago, and heard the terrible story of the huge losses when they went over the top. The battlefield is exactly the same now as it was after the battle took place.
Finally, we journeyed to the medieval town of Ypres and visited an amazing museum at Zonnebeke that had recreations of the dugouts where the soldiers slept and lived, as well as a trench experience. This was very interesting as you felt as if you were a soldier and you realised the hardships of what war was really like, this was just where they had to stay, let alone going over the top and fighting. We learnt about the officers’ uniforms and what they ate. This was quite eye opening as you don’t think about the everyday life of a soldier at war, you just think about the fighting.
At the end of this busy day we arrived at the hotel where we had a delicious meal, started on our scrapbooks and had an hour of free time and then went to bed to catch up on some much needed sleep!
Thursday 13/10/16
After another early morning, we travelled to the moving ‘Brooding Soldier’ memorial. As a group we voted this our favourite and the most fitting memorial for the war. Even though it was smaller, and more hidden than the likes of Vimy Ridge, we felt it was closer to what the war was all about, with the death and suffering of the war, rather than the glory.
“I felt it was moving because it had an actual soldier on it and was more specialised to the event.” Rebecca Bromell
Next we visited the largest British war cemetery in the world, Tyne Cot Cemetery, which pupils found really breath-taking. This is because it was astounding to see so many graves, nearly 12,000, all in one place, showing the real effect of the war and how it played a part in our history.
After this it was into Ypres itself to view the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing, which contains more than 56,000 names. Evie Bawden found her great-great grandfather on this memorial, William Hammerton, who died in 1915.
We then went to an amazing Belgium chocolate shop. It was run by Hans and Stephanie who announced many deals and offers to the school! It was really fun to try different chocolate from different countries and for such an amazing price! This was a highlight for many of us!
After we stocked up on chocolate we visited the ‘In Flanders Fields’ museum. This was really fun and the most interactive museum so far! There was a wristband that pupils scanned throughout, which told a story of a character through the war.
Our next stop was Essex Farm cemetery. This was extremely interesting and eerie as it was the site of the first gas attack and John McRae’s field hospital. It was really eye-opening to see the kind of conditions the wounded soldiers would have been treated in. In the neighbouring cemetery lies a fifteen-year-old boy called Valentine Strudwick, which was a real shock to think about.
Next on the list was Sanctuary Wood trenches and tunnel. This was an amazing experience of seeing the trenches as they would have been during the war. We wore our wellies as we walked through a very dark and muddy underground tunnel used in the war for communications. We had a great dinner out in Ypres before the ceremony which had over one thousand attendants. It was here that Miss Sampson, Kai Trivett and Rebecca Bromell laid a wreath. The ceremony has been running every single night since the end of World War I. It was a massive honour and an amazing opportunity and something both pupils will remember forever.
Friday 14/10/16
This was the last day and the day we travelled back home to England.
We got up and had breakfast early in order to make all our stops and get home for a reasonable time.
Our first stop was not far from the hotel and was a cemetery called Prowse Point Cemetery. In it lies Robert Taylor, who died in December 1914. He is the great, great grandfather of Emma and Abby Knight, who managed to make a pilgrimage to his grave and lay their poems. Next to it, it also had a small memorial full of footballs. This was to show the Christmas football match the soldiers had in 1914.
We then had a long journey through Belgium into France and had a forty-minute stop at the hypermarket. Afterwards we caught the Eurotunnel back into England.
It was an amazing trip and I would like I thank everyone who was involved in making it happen.
Rebecca Bromell and Mariel Beligolo

Year 11 Prepare for the Future
On Tuesday 11th October HCC welcomed numerous local employers and further education providers to assist with Year 11 mock interviews. We are very grateful to all of our interviewers for their time and assistance. The day provided an invaluable insight into what students can expect in an interview scenario. Thank you again to all of our interviewers for giving up their time: Bicton/Duchy College, the British Army, Coodes Solicitors, Devon and Cornwall Police, Exeter College, Greenfield Engineering, Holsworthy Doctors, NFU Insurance, Penbode Vets, Peter, Peter & Wright Solicitors, Petroc College, Simpkins Edwards Chartered Accountants, Thorne Manor Day Nursery, University of St Mark & St John and Peter Bowle – College Governor.
“My interview was with Raymond Hockings from the British Army and it was a really positive experience. I was confident going into the interview and I managed to get a lot of information about the careers available to enable me to make a decision about my future.” Kieran Fraser
“I had my interview with Mark Ley from the NFU. I was nervous beforehand, but he quickly put me at ease and my confidence grew as the interview progressed. This has given me some good experience and has prepared me for future interviews.” Heidi Horn
“I had my interview with Exeter College. I chose this because I am interested in going to Exeter to do a Graphic Design course. I found it very useful and gained lots of information about the college and the course. I was very nervous to start, but gained confidence as we progressed.” Josh Down

Jake’s Shave for Charity
On Saturday 1st October Jake Piper had his head shaved for charity. Jake decided to raise money for Cancer Research UK after a close family friend was diagnosed with cancer.
Jake had the idea to have his head shaved to raise money after seeing a Cancer Research charity appeal on TV.
“The day had arrived…. I was a bit worried as I was nervous about what other people would say and what my friends at school would think. Rachel from The Hair Shop in Holsworthy offered to come and shave my head at home at 3 o’clock, so I had the whole day to prepare myself, although the wait was frustrating as I just wanted to get it over with.
As she started to shave my head I was feeling increasingly worried, but as she continued I started to feel better. I was pleased with the results—she did a good job cutting my hair and I think it looks quite good. There was a lot of hair, but not enough to give to charity.
I am pleased I did this and I have managed to raise £770 for the charity. My Just Giving page is still open
This has raised £395 with the remainder of the money has been raised through the shop where my Nan is the Manager—The Country Dairy Kitchen and at Holsworthy Primary School where my Mum works. My Mum was pleased with the results and thinks my new haircut suits me. With the weather turning colder I now have to wear a woolly hat!”

Year 7 Netball Co-Operative Cup
A great day was had by all who travelled to Ashbury to compete in the Co-operative Cup. This is now an annual event to bring together Year 7 pupils from all schools in the greater Devon Co-Operative Schools’ Partnership (GDSCP) to enjoy sport and to have an early experience of competitive fixtures in an all-day tournament. There were 16 netball teams and 17 football teams from all over Devon attending including Bude, Okehampton, West Exe, Dawlish, KEVICCs (King Edward VI Community College, Totnes), Cullompton, South Molton, Tavistock, Tiverton and of course Holsworthy.
In the netball tournament both of our teams were unbeaten in the group stages and topped their pools meaning they both went through to the quarter finals.
Pool C Results:
Hols A v Bude B (5-1 win)
Hols A v Bude C (4-0 win)
Hols A v West Exe A (2-0 win)
Holsworthy A were knocked out of the competition after losing to Bude A 7-3 in the quarter finals
Pool D Results
Hols B v Bude A (6-2 win)
Hols B v KEVICCs A (12-0 win)
Hols B v West Exe B ( 12-0 win)
Holsworthy B won their quarter final match against Bude B 17-3. They then went onto to play Bude A in the semi-finals which Holsworthy won 5-8. Holsworthy were now through to the final against Okehampton A. It was a closely matched game with Okehampton taking a 2-0 lead and at half time the score was 5-3. Holsworthy fought back hard and managed to draw the second half of the game scoring 4 goals each meaning the game ended 9-7 and Okehampton won and Holsworthy came runners up! The boys’ football team also reached the quarter finals. This was a fantastic achievement given that Holsworthy Community College is the smallest of all the schools taking part.
Mia Bryant "It was fun and exciting."
Sophie Oke "It was challenging, but all our hard work paid off and we got to the final."

HCC Bake off for Take Off
Mrs Gliddon has been extremely busy lately organising this year’s ‘HCC Bake Off’ to raise money for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust. Whilst the theme was ‘Be a Hero’ this was relaxed for our younger students, who were just encouraged to bake a cake for the competition. Zeus House took the decision to raise money for this excellent cause after they very kindly supported our Road Safety Day in June. It’s no coincidence that the HCC bake off took place in the week of the ‘Bake off for take-off’ campaign run by the charity.
The results of the students’ hard work were on view and on sale after judging took place on Thursday 22nd September. In total 16 students took the challenge to support the Devon Air Ambulance Trust’s ‘Bake off for take-off’’ campaign and got into the kitchen to break out the flour, eggs, icing sugar and piping bags and get baking for a good cause.
National Air Ambulance Week is an initiative created by the Air Ambulance Association to celebrate the work of local air ambulances giving them a national voice and an opportunity to promote the work they do at a local level. It takes place from Monday 19 to Sunday 25 September.
We were overwhelmed at the standard of the entries and extremely grateful and proud of the students who entered this competition and put in so many hours of hard work – not to mention the costs involved to create these sensational cakes.
Our judges – Paul Hollywood (Mr Scott) and Mary Berry (Mrs Kennedy) ably assisted by Head of House, Mrs Cobbledick, deliberated long and hard (and ate lots of cake!) and eventually came up with the winners.
“We have been amazed by the high standard and creativity that the staff and students have achieved. There have been some good, original ideas based on the theme of Be a Hero’.” Mrs Kennedy
Huge congratulations go to:
1st Place – Gaby Moran
2nd Place – Alisha Squirrell
3rd Place – Grace Harman
4th Place – Rosie Davies
We had several staff enter the competition too. Of the staff entries the winner was Mrs Hutchings, 2nd was Ms Iles, 3rd was Mrs Woodhead and 4th Ms Johns.
The winning cakes were raffled off and the other cakes were sold to very grateful staff and students.
We are yet to know the total raised but we will let you know as soon as possible.
Once again, a huge thank you to our wonderful students and staff, Mrs Gliddon, Mr Scott, Mrs Kennedy and Mrs Cobbledick for enabling this fantastic fundraising event to take place.

Year 7 and their First Week
“My first week at HCC was great! I lost my way a couple of times, but now I’m getting to know where everything is.
My favourite lessons are Art, English, Maths, Computing and Life Skills. When I first started I was worried that I would miss a lesson, but I have not.”
“I was worried about getting lost, but I asked my buddy. I love the new uniform. I was worried about missing the bus in my first week, but I didn't. I love the Pasta King in the canteen. I was worried that I was going to be bullied, but I haven't been.”
“What if I get lost and am late for lessons? What if I am too small and get bullied? What if the teachers set really hard homework that I really can’t do? What if I get told off? What if I lost all my friends? What if I am late for school?
What if the tall people are scary? What if I don't know where the toilet is? What will I do?
But they were all ‘what ifs’ and not what happened. “
Jorja Snook-Bevis
“I like poetry. My favourite lessons are Computing, Maths and Art. My first week at school has been great. I was worried about being bullied, but I haven't been. I have also made lots of new friends from different primary schools.”
Darcie Marley
“My favourite lessons are PE, Computing and English. I have not got lost and I am enjoying school.”
Matthew Heal
“My favourite lessons are PE, Maths and German. I am enjoying school, I enjoyed the first week a lot. I go to the Care Farm on a Wednesday where we do team building activities. The canteen food is good!”
Tilly Wright
“My first week at school was very good. It was easy finding my way around the school. I am getting to know all the teachers really well.”
William Tozer
Summer School 2016
Holsworthy Community College held its annual Year 6 into 7 Summer School from Monday 22nd August to Friday 26th August 2016.
This year we had 18 pupils who attended Literacy and Numeracy in the mornings, then a variety of outdoor pursuit activities in the afternoon with Outdoor Adventure based in Widemouth Bay.
The exciting afternoon activities were team building, body boarding, kayaking, rock climbing and canoeing. These activities stretched the pupils both physically and emotionally and, with encouragement, they rose to the challenge.
The Outdoor Adventure Instructors were so impressed with our pupils that they extended the bodyboard sessions by ½ hour free of charge!
Thanks to Mr Lovett for his inspirational Literacy sessions in the local community, Mrs Curry for her fun Maths Olympics and Mrs Jenkins for her fabulous organisation and TA work. Also Colleen Wilcox, Year 9, who volunteered to help as a TA for the week.
Mrs Storry
The focus of the Literacy Summer School has been to connect language to experience.
Students visited the local museum where the exhibits connected students directly to Holsworthy’s past. Students were asked to write about an artefact that they found particularly intriguing; perhaps they had some personal connection to it, or that they found it special in some way.
The literacy work also included a walk in the local forest where students watched, listened and smelt the world around. By focusing on the senses students have worked to invigorate their imaginations and stimulate ideas for writing about the places in which they live.
Students listened to poems about using your imagination to see what others might not see, they heard a story about a hill that ate people, and also considered the emotional depth in Roald Dahl’s ‘Danny the Champion of the World’.
As their final project students have written poems, stories and pieces of non-fiction about their homes and the places they live. They have been able to personalise their writing by taking ownership of the language they have chosen to use, and directly relating it to their own experiences.
Mr Lovett

Duke of Edinburgh
On the 8th and 9th July a group of 17 Year 10 students took part in a training weekend for our Duke of Edinburgh expedition.
We walked around 30km. Although it rained on the first day and some groups were momentarily misplaced, we all got to the campsite safely and were able to complete our practice weekend, ready and prepared for the final expedition the following weekend.
Shannon Ley
During the weekend of the 16th and 17th of July a group of Year 10 students took part in the Duke of Edinburgh award.
Although it was tiring it was a great experience that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
The Bronze Award, which we were participating in, consisted of two 6 hour days of walking and camping for one night at Dewerstone Cottage, where we had to cook our evening meal and make our breakfast.
We learnt many new skills such as map reading and working out compass bearings to navigate ourselves to the campsite and final destination.
Whilst working each group had to do a project which we had to present as evidence to be able to complete the award.
Everyone worked well as a team and walked roughly 30km over many tors.
Beth Grigg
The pupils showed real resilience, perseverance, team work and determination to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Expedition.
I was extremely proud of their achievements. Their fantastic attitude and self-reliance enabled the weekends to run smoothly and I have enjoyed being a part it.
Mrs Malpass

German Exchange Visit
“The German exchange was a really eye opening experience and introduced me to a group of new people and their way of life in another country. We did loads of great activities including a trip to Cologne and Phantasia land. My favourite part was the water skiing , because I have never done it before.” Sophie Sleeman, Year 9.
“It was a thoroughly amazing experience. I found out many new German words and learnt more about their way of life. Everyone made many wonderful new friends that we will all keep in contact with, All the families were kind and made us all feel welcome. We enjoyed every day, the outings to Koeln, water skiing and Phantasia land were great and I would love to go again!” Clare Ley, Year 10
“I enjoyed the exchange, as it helped me to learn more German and helped me grow in confidence in speaking German. The highlight for me was water skiing and Phantasia land, because it was so different to England. Seeing new things in Germany really made me see that we are not all so different.” Josh Smith, Year 9.
“The German Exchange was a good, fun experience . The best parts were Phantasia land and water skiing. It is a great chance to learn about German culture and I expanded my German vocabulary by listening to conversations and reading signs.” Berin Year 10
“The exchange taught me a lot over the 8 days. I learnt a lot more about Germany and their culture than I previously thought. The general German way of life really opened my eyes and showed me how big the world is. I have really benefited from the exchange and if I had the opportunity to go again, I would not think twice!” Amy Gear, Year 10
“The exchange was a great experience for me because I learnt more about German life living with a German family. My favourite part of the exchange was water skiing because we got to socialise with our all the exchange partners and it was great fun. The exchange is a great way to learn different things and I learnt a lot about how we have different foods!” Lydia Lavender, Year 9
“I enjoyed the exchange as we had lots of fun and my partner was really nice. I would definitely go again because it was nice to meet other people and I enjoyed the activities, especially water skiing.” Maddy Deane, Year 9
“I really enjoyed being part of the German exchange this year. It was a great experience and I have made friends because of it. My favourite part of the exchange was water skiing and Phantasia land, as it gave us the chance to get to know all the other students and was fun.” Susannah Leigh , Year 10
“The German exchange was a great experience. I have made so many great new friends and learnt so much German on the trip. The activities we did were amazing, especially the water skiing.” Jasmine Stevens, Year 10
The German exchange involved : Phantasia Land theme park, water skiing in Wetzlar, visit to Frankfurt or Cologne, visit to chocolate museum with samples, mountain hut BBQ , cooking, sports, Music, Geography and English.
If you would like to go on the next German Exchange please see Mrs Storry or Mr Green for a letter.

Road Safety Day
On Wednesday the 29th June, Year 9s had a road safety day, as you have had or will hopefully have in the future. We were all separated into groups, given name stickers and a timetable. Our group (group E) started the day with the two representatives from the Devon Air Ambulance (DAAT), who gave us an insight to the invaluable work that everyone involved in the charity does, from the pilots/ first aiders to the people working in the shops, They gave us an inspiring first session, along with even more respect for the charity than we all had prior to the discussion.
Period 2 we spoke to the Police. The session mainly covered the over consumption of alcohol and how it affects you mentally and physically, and the consequences of drinking irresponsibly, such as drink driving. We also used a machine to test our reaction times. This demonstrated how your reaction time is affected after the consumption of alcohol. To simulate this affect we were given goggles to allow us to experience almost what it feels like to be under the nfluence; it showed us how to be responsible in the future along with what not to do. The policeman had some strange stories which he shared about how he had been irresponsible: this put us all off I’m sure!
For the third session we had the Community Police from Holsworthy. Their session showed us a video on anti-social behaviour and how just a look can change someone’s life along with their family’s lives forever; we were also shown a variety of drugs and how to identify them, so we are aware of anything affecting us in the future.
Fourth period we did some basic first aid skills with a lady from St John Ambulance. We went through some basic first aid procedures, along with pairing up and practicing the recovery position. As it was road safety day we also imagined our own car accident and were shown what to do in this case of events.
Our last session was delivered by the Fire Brigade. This mainly consisted of videos, some more graphic than others, in an attempt to prove to us that every second counts. Even things like wearing a bike helmet, although seen as being un-cool, could save your life.
Finally, the last section of the day consisted of the Fire Brigade demonstrating what would happen in the case of an extreme car collision, which saw Jasmine Greenaway as the casualty. The procedures were long and appeared to be tiresome, but in the end it would all pay off. The fire service personnel did what they would do in a real case, such as cutting the glass of the windscreen and removing the roof of the car to free the trapped casualty!
The whole day was amazing and the main message I received from the day is that we should never start something that one of these amazing emergency services will have to finish; I didn’t realise how often they have to deal with problems caused by young people due to them being stupid. It shows that hopefully this can at some point in the near future be changed so the services can be used for people in need, not people driving home under the influence, and putting themselves and others in danger. The day was particularly inspirational and has changed our perspectives greatly, thank you for organising it!
Hannah Steadman

Spain Trip 2016
“On the 13th of June we travelled to Malaga, where we were to be trained by professional football coaches. They were very experienced and it really showed during the training. They taught us classic Spanish football, completely different to what we were used to.
We trained every single day for 2 hours from 9am – 11am, this was before it got too hot.
We learnt how to play more tactically, with less running about or lobbing the ball up the field, this was more defensive tactics – we are used to playing on the attack. Whilst we can run around for 90 minutes in England, in Spain it is just too hot to do this, which is why they play so differently to us, and why maybe England doesn’t do so well in the World Cup!
It was a fantastic opportunity to learn different skills and we all benefitted hugely from their instruction. We hope to bring back some of what we have learnt and implement it in our play during the next season.
We all learnt something and the trip was very beneficial.”
Jamie Hunt
“The experience was very good and the coaches taught us a lot about the Spanish culture and how they play football.” Will Skinner
“The Malaga coaches used their expertise to help me improve my game and grow as a player.” Callum Luxton

Carnegie Shadowing Presentation
It takes a lot to stand up in front of groups from other schools and deliver your own personal thoughts and feelings about something, particularly in the knowledge that other people could well disagree with you. But a group of Year 9 students did just that on Monday 13th June at Braunton Academy, as part of the annual Clip Carnegie Medal gathering. This is an event that celebrates the most distinguished writing for young people in the UK. A number of local schools are invited to give a presentation on a novel from the CILIP Carnegie Medal short list; ours being The Ghosts of Heaven, by Michael Sedgwick, a challenging novel which interlaces four different stories from four starkly different periods of time using the ever-moving dynamic of the spiral form.
Our students didn’t just stand and speak but performed their own interpretation of the novel, blowing the more conventional format used by other schools out of the water. It was edifying, as both a teacher and lover of literature, to see our students’ creative interpretations of the novel come to life, living and breathing on a stage. It was great to see young people taking risks and performing with so much confidence and insight, allowing their audience to be drawn into their own imagining of what was a hugely enjoyed book. Having said that, it was a pleasure to be involved in the event and Holsworthy CC students gained plenty of experience from their involvement and watching other schools perform.
Mr Lovett

19240 Shrouds of the Somme
On Thursday 9th June Holsworthy Community College welcomed Rob Heard, the Shrouds of the Somme 19240 Project artist.
Rob came in to talk about the artistic installation that will be on show at Northernhay Gardens, Exeter from 7am on Friday 1st July to 9pm Thursday 7th July.
Rob has been working on this project for over 3 years, with the last 14 months solidly working 14 hour days to create the individually hand-stitched shrouded figures. Once the figure is enshrined in the shroud it becomes more than a figure in cloth, it is representative of one of the 19,240 soldiers who died on the first day of July 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme. Each figurine feels different to Rob.
Each one will be laid out, with space between them, to commemorate these brave soldiers who died in one of the worst battles in military history.
The display will also include the names of each of the soldiers that died, displayed on 14 large boards – each individual name to be associated with a figurine, each soldier with family and friends that loved them, never to return to them, some bodies never found. Rob is hoping that this display will in some way bring home those whose bones remain in the battlefields. It is important we remember the enormity of this number of casualties – a number is a number – a physical representation is something different.
Rob brought with him 192 shrouds, representing 1% of the total number that will be laid in Exeter. He also invited HCC students Kayleigh, Louise and Sophie Daniel, George Daniel, Mr Timothy Daniel, Mrs Judi Daniel, and Mrs Bridget Barkwill who are relatives of John Charles Milford, who died on the first day of the Battle to his studio to make his figurine and lay it at the installation. The Rifle Regiment of the British Army will also be involved in laying the 19240 figures.
Max Snook- Bevis asked “How long does it take to make each figure?” to which Rob replied he can make around 200 each day – about 5 minutes each figure.
David Kirby asked whether Rob had a relative who had died in this war – Rob had not had any relatives die at the Battle of the Somme.
Rob felt compelled to do this project –“divine inspiration” was his driving force and he feels compelled to continue.
“On the 1st of July 1916 Private John Milford, great, great uncle of Kayleigh, Louise, Sophie and George Daniel, died on the first day of the battle of the Somme. We feel very privileged to have a relative who died on the first day of the battle. It was a great experience to take part and see the assembly in the Purple Circle. We are grateful for Rob to be making our great, great uncle as a figurine.” Kayleigh, Sophie, Louise and George Daniel

Rounders Success for Year 9
On the 24th of May, the Year 9 rounders team went to Budehaven’s annual rounders tournament. The first match was against Launceston, they started off slowly, but then pulled themselves together to win 7 - 2½. Player of the match was Rachel Pocock.
The second match was against Budehaven. It was a very close game as they drew 5½ all - . Player of the match was Harriet Cousins.
The third match was against Wadebridge the girls played very well and won 8½ - 3½. Player of the match was Katy Martin
In the final match everyone was tired; however, that didn't stop Holsworthy winning 7 - 3½. Player of the match was Katy Martin.
Overall in the tournament Holsworthy won 3 matches and drew 1. As a result Holsworthy won the tournament overall. Well done, Year 9 girls!
Team: Katy Martin, Rachel Pocock, Harriet Cousins, Ellie Burnard, Mollie Cheshire, Abi Neep, Hannah Steadman, Kirsty Godfrey, Ellie Williams, Maddie Deane-Fowler, Tilly Daniel (not pictured).

HCC Perform Well at Athletics Championships
On Wednesday 18th May, Holsworthy Community College took a group of students in Years 7-10 to the North Devon Athletics Championships at Braunton Athletics Track.
The pupils took part in a number of track and field events, including: javelin, shot put, discus, high jump, long jump, triple jump, 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 800m, and 1500m. All of the pupils performed extremely well, with some outstanding performances coming from Issy Edworthy who won her heat to get through to the 100m finals, finishing in a respectable 5th place. Harvey Lees also got through to finals in the 100m, finishing 6th and in the 200m finals he came 4th. Another stand out performer was Charlotte Prime. Charlotte won her 200m heat race before going on to the final and finishing in second place. Charlotte also competed in the 300 metres and won her heat and possibly the whole race, depending on whether her time bettered those in the second heat.
Finally the Intermediate girls relay team got through to the finals (Charlotte, Brooke, Georgie and Holly) and finished in 4th place against some strong teams.
Overall a fantastic day, well done to everyone who went!
Full athletics teams:
Year 7: Theo Funnel, Keiron Shadrick, Jasper Presswell , Harry Grigg, Noah Allen, Charlie Presswell, Callum Johns, Katie Grigg. Year 8: Toby Martyn, Issy Edworthy, Louise Shepherd, Sophie Powell, Hester Presswell. Year 9: Luke Self, Josh Parry, Nat Parry, Richard Orchard, Jamie Hunt, Mark Wilson, Reece Beere, Jake Willetts, Lewis Haxell. Year 10: Sam Quance, Harvey Lees, Will Cooper, Kyle Pennington, Jordan Boundy, Kane Gebala, Georgie Moores, Charlotte Prime, Holly Martin, Beth Grigg, Brooke Rowe, Ellie Martyn, Libby Purl, Andrew Williams
Issy Edworthy

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