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Bradford Primary School

 On a sunny afternoon on Monday 17th July the federation sports day took place at Bradford.  The afternoon started at 12.00pm with a picnic lunch for the children and their family members this was followed by the events which started at 12.30pm.  The children were put into groups and took part in 10 different stations which included the relay, long jump, sack race and javelin.  At the end of the afternoon each child was presented with a medal and certificate.

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Leaver’s Assembly took place on the morning of Thursday 20th July to say goodbye to the Year 6’s and wish them lots of luck and best wishes as they move into Year 7 in September.  Class 1 each read out a farewell message to their chosen Year 6.  Class 2 sang a special song ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ and also read out their favourite memories of the Year 6’s time at Bradford.  Sophia, Conrad, Layla & Ayesha then spoke of their time at school recalling the best things that had happened and the friends they had made.  Leaving gifts were given to the children including a bible from the Black Torrington Benefice.  The assembly was finished off with refreshments provided from FOBs.

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Welcome to Bradford Primary School
…a place that believes firmly in supporting children throughout their learning, personal and social development.
Our school Aims:
We strive for Bradford Primary school to be a place where:
  • Children feel part of a whole school family ethos
  • Children think and act creatively and with imagination
  • Children feel that their work and contribution to the school is valued
  • Children gain knowledge, skills and understanding appropriate to a fast changing world, so learn to be self-reliant, adaptable and able to succeed
  • Children acquire the enabling skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT
  • Children are aware and able to make healthy choices and are kept active and happy in every possible way
  • Children access a wide ranging and appropriate curriculum that is challenging and inspiring and caters for the needs of all learners
  • Parents/carers share in their children’s education and learning
Our Mission Statement:
At Bradford Primary School we strive to ensure that:
  • the whole school environment is a safe place that promotes learning and encourages independence
  • children should feel secure, happy and valued as individuals
  • it is the role of all adults to ensure that our children’s educational, emotional and physical needs are met
  • children should be enthusiastic and motivated to enable them to be creative and imaginative learners
  • we support our children to co-operate, share and show respect for everyone by enabling them to be responsible for their own behaviour
  • every child should reach their full potential
  • every child progresses and develops their knowledge, skills and understanding of the world they live in
  • every child will have equal opportunities and provision in their learning  
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Executive Headteacher: David Fitzsimmons
Head of Primary Phase: Mrs Caroline Tothill
Bradford Primary School, Holemoor, Bradford, Holsworthy, Devon EX22 7AB
Telephone: 01409 281432 Email:
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